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Onsite Seminar

General Management & Leadership

Effective Communication

Effective communication comprises not only speaking, but also listening and writing attributes as well. In business, poor communication skills can have a customer thinking you are not interested in their concerns, a buyer feeling the offer was not considered, or a boss wondering why you are not doing the job assigned. This seminar will go through the different steps in providing good and effective communications.

You Will Learn
  • How to critique other modules of first hand observation
  • How to bring your audience to the platform
  • How to monitor self-assessment skills of captivating the audience
  • How to overcome negative resistance in both sales and talks
Course Outline
  1. Fundamental needs in effective communication
  2. How communications environment differs from both business and personal aspects
  3. The dialogue of exchange between parties
  4. Knowing the message as well as the messenger
  5. The value of the words selected
  6. Body language between partners
  7. The active listening process
  8. The Railroad-Crossing aspect of listening
  9. Top to Bottom communications in business
  10. Bottom-Up communication sharing
  11. Cross cultural exchange
  12. How to ensure the audience gets the message
  13. Ensuring communication success
Who Should Attend

All managers who make presentations either internally or externally. This seminar is also valuable to peers, customers, and supervisors who address other employees, sales and purchasing professionals who communicate with other professionals, and any employee who wants to move up the corporate ladder.