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Onsite Seminar

Cost & Price Strategies

Driving Down Costs through Cost/Price Analysis

Are you looking for effective techniques to manage costs and improve profit margins? Understand the components of cost analysis, cost management and price analysis. Learn to drive down costs using proven analysis strategies.

Be Sure to Bring Your Calculator

Who Should Attend

Purchasing and supply managers, buyers and other professionals seeking effective techniques to manage costs and improve profit margins.

You Will Learn
  • Cost/price analysis: components, processes and uses
  • The components of cost analysis and cost management
  • How to use price comparison and other techniques
  • How to evaluate the market and bids
  • Proactive cost- and price-based negotiating objectives
  • How to establish and sustain an effective cost/price system
Course Outline
  1. Establishing an effective price analysis system; Mission; Pricing team members/roles
  2. Overview of total cost analysis components; Total cost modeling and analysis; Cost analysis fundamentals; Research techniques; Benchmarking; Environmental analysis; Industry analysis
  3. Price issues; Types of markets and supplier pricing strategies; Market factors affecting price and pricing strategies; Competitive versus noncompetitive markets
  4. Price/cost analysis methods and use; Total cost versus price; When does price analysis work?; Types of price analysis; When is cost analysis needed?; Steps in cost analysis; Exercises in analysis
  5. Developing cost/profit/volume; Elements of cost; Estimating cost elements
  6. Target pricing; New products and services; Modifying product/service parameters
  7. Total cost of ownership/total life cost; Importance; Basic applications; Cost-containment fundamentals
  8. Negotiation; Pre-negotiation preparation; Setting parameters; Power of information
  9. Other tools for price/cost management and analysis; Learning curve; Value analysis; Indices

Be Sure to Bring Your Calculator