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Onsite Seminar

Purchasing and Supply Management

Integrating Purchasing, Logistics, and Inventory with Suppliers


Eliminating functional and organizational silos is an imperative if organizations are to achieve the high levels of customer satisfaction and reduced cost and improved performance demanded in today's marketplace. Eliminating these silos requires creative integration by supply management of the many critical functions that react with both suppliers and customers.

What You Will Learn:
  • How to implement cost reduction strategies and develop spend profiles
  • Methods to improve supplier performance, manage supply risk, and reduce cost, inventory and cycle time
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • How to avoid common errors in reengineering
  • Understand the demand for organizational renewal
  • Review common logistic and inventory techniques
  • Find where the real savings are and how to stop wasting your time on where the savings are not.
  • The stages of integration and where to start the process
  • Identifying and managing supply risk
  • The steps in developing the Integration Strategy
Who Should Attend:

Supply chain professionals involved in purchasing, logistics, operations and inventory activities who want to learn how better supply chain integration can significantly improve to the organization's performance.

Seminar Outline
  1. Integration: supply chain management, the demand for organizational renewal, and defining supply chain management
  2. Integration framework , benefits and barriers, the stages of integration
  3. Where to start the integration process, get rid of the "Cs", aggregating the spend, developing the spend profile, defining commodity/service groupings
  4. Integration requires alliances, defining the alliance, the alliance process, success factors and barriers to alliances
  5. The need for process change, reengineering, changes in supply chain responsibilities
  6. The challenges of integration
  7. Common logistic processes and improvement initiatives, expressive bidding, the outsourcing issue
  8. Identifying and managing supply risk, developing the integration strategy, and the commodity/service strategic plan