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Onsite Seminar

Purchasing and Supply Management

Integrating Project Management into Supply Management


Learn how project management concepts apply and enhance supply management. Gain an understanding of the tools and techniques used to initiate and plan a project, execute and manage a project, and add maximum value when participating in someone else's project. Possible initiatives for the improvement of supply management through the application of project management concepts include: strategic planning/sourcing, the purchasing function, contract development and administration, negotiations, transportation and logistics, supplier management and performance, cost reduction, and outsourcing. Participants must bring to class sufficiently detailed information to enable them to work on a prospective project from their own organization.

In this highly interactive seminar, participants will have the opportunity to apply concepts learned to their own real-world environment. The class is a combination of lecture and discussion interspersed with time to apply what is learned to your own project and to get feedback from other attendees. Participants must bring to class sufficiently detailed information to enable them to work on a prospective project from their own organization — this may be a project you want to initiate or one in which you will participate. By the end of the training, you should have the essential elements of your project laid out so that you will be able to return to work and begin implementation.

You Will Learn
  • Project management skills, tools, techniques, and processes
  • The relationship between project management and supply management
  • How to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close a project
  • The roles supply managers and purchasers play as project team members
  • Key elements for managing teams, time, cost, and risk
  • How to build a project management process for your own organization
Course Outline:
  1. Putting Things in Perspective: Definitions, Project Management Process, Relationship of Project Management and Supply Management
  2. The Environment: Organizational Structures, The Players, Necessary Skills
  3. Supply Management Improvement Projects: Possible Initiatives, Approaches
  4. Project Initiation: Problem/Opportunity, Root Cause Analysis, Option Assessment, Stakeholder Analysis, Project Approval, Application of Lessons Learned
  5. Project Planning: Project Team, Project Planning Process, Elements of the Project Plan, Application of Lessons Learned
  6. Project Execution: Communication Plan, Project Management, Team Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Risk Management, Application of Lessons Learned
  7. Project Monitoring and Control: Performance Measurement, Change Control Processes, Risk Monitoring Process, Performance Management Reporting, Application of Lessons Learned
  8. Project Closure: Project Pitfalls and Solutions, Project Closure Process, Project Size, Project Results, Application of Lessons Learned
Who Should Attend

Supply management and purchasing professionals seeking ways to improve, enhance, and maximize the value they add to their organizations. This is a safe environment to design solutions to real-world challenges and the opportunity to get feedback from your peers.