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Onsite Seminar

Negotiations & Collaboration

Team Negotiation Strategy — Risk and Rewards

  1. Understanding the Team Negotiation Dynamics
    1. Why is Team Negotiations Considered a Complicated Process
    2. Evolution of the Negotiation Process in the Light of Today's Business Environment

  2. Why Negotiate Instead of Using a Competitive Bidding
    1. Defining Negotiations
    2. Defining Competitive Bidding
    3. Comparison and Contrast of the Two Methods
    4. Detailed Listing of the Comparative Advantages with a Team Process

  3. Critical Negotiation Tools to Employ
    1. Customer Expression of What They Need
    2. Team Developed Checklist
      1. General
      2. Specific
      3. Others
    3. Creating a Negotiation L-O-B
      1. Price
      2. Non-Price
      3. Other

  4. Putting Together an Effective Negotiating Team
    1. Who Should Be on the Team?
    2. How Many to Include on a Team?
    3. What are Their Backgrounds of Expertise for Such an Acquisition
    4. Should the Internal Customer be a Member?
    5. Risk and Concerns with the Internal Customer

  5. Defining the Single Purpose for the Goal
    1. Breaking Down the Root Cause(s)
    2. Needs vs. Wants Overlaid Against Schedules

  6. Form-Fit-and Function of Team Selection
    1. Putting the Team in the Right Frame of Mind
    2. Forming the Team Mission
    3. Training the Team to be Effective
    4. Concerns and Upside for the Negotiation Process
    5. Article Profile

  7. Personalities that Compliment a Team Negotiation
    1. Obstacles which Impact a Team's Success
    2. Overcoming the Obstacles
    3. Risks to Not Putting this Behind
    4. Adjunct vs. Full-time

  8. Cultural Aspects Which Teams are Involved
    1. Countries Pre-Disposition to Teams
      1. Listing
    2. Comparison and Contrast
    3. Article

  9. Benefits and Disadvantages of Teams in a Negotiation Process
    1. Strengths and Weaknesses
    2. Overcoming the Weaknesses
    3. Leveraging the Strengths for Maximum Value
    4. How the Counterpart Feels about Team

  10. Summary