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Onsite Seminar

Negotiations & Collaboration

How to Negotiate Maintenance Agreements for Buying Equipment

  1. Introduction
    1. The Fascination with Maintenance Agreements
    2. Impact their Sale Have on your Suppliers
    3. The "Las Vegas" Effect of Not Having One

  2. Understanding the Maintenance Agreements
    1. Definition
    2. Key Concepts
    3. Psychological Impact of a Maintenance Agreement
    4. Risk of Not Employing an Agreement
    5. What Goes into the Cost of a Maintenance Agreement or Policy

  3. Assessing the Type of Coverage Necessary
    1. Risks on the Job, Type of Equipment, Cost Of Replacement
    2. Using a Suppliers Form or Contract
    3. Modifying the Standard Terms
    4. Developing a Maintenance Agreement to Fit Your Needs
      1. Class Exercise
    5. Putting the Output from Your Review to Writing
      1. Completion of the Above Class Exercise
    6. Pros and Cons of Using Your Own

  4. Contract Review and Assessment
    1. What the Contract States
    2. Terms and Conditions of a Contract Agreement
    3. Review of Two Maintenance Agreements
      1. Office Equipment
        1. Slant
        2. Positive
        3. Negative
        4. Risk
        5. Modifications
      2. Capital Equipment
        1. Slant
        2. Positive
        3. Negative
        4. Risk
        5. Modifications

  5. What's Negotiable in a Maintenance Agreement
    1. Need Use and value of a Maintenance Agreement
    2. Attributes that are Negotiable in an Agreement
      1. Form for Use
      2. Fit to Organization
      3. Function as Employed
      4. Features Deemed Necessary
      5. Fee Assessed by OEM
      6. Other Objectives Deemed Necessary
      7. Other Factors

  6. Developing a Negotiation Checklist
    1. Creating a Checklist
      1. Checklist Structure
        1. Sample Checklist Templates
      2. How to Apply a L-O-B
        1. Price Related L-O-B
        2. Non-Price L-O-B
      3. A Continuous Work in Process
      4. Group Exercise
    2. Value of the Checklist
      1. Dollar Saving
      2. Best Value Determination
      3. Value to Organization by providing the Right Coverage

  7. Future Issues and Concerns with Maintenance Agreements
    1. Where the Industry See MA Going
    2. Long-Term Value and Risk
    3. Opportunities Beyond MA

  8. Sample Maintenance Agreements

  9. Summary & Conclusion