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Onsite Seminar

Strategic Supply Management

Strategies and Techniques to Enhance Offshoring/Outsourcing

  1. Introduction/Overview
    1. Overview
    2. Impact to Organizations
    3. Opportunities for an Organization

  2. Foundation and Definitions
    1. Key Concepts
      1. Outsourcing
      2. Offshoring
      3. Insourcing
      4. Strategy
      5. Techniques
    2. How Does This Fit Into a Business Strategy
    3. Why Would a Company Consider
    4. Case Analysis

  3. Best Practices and Why
    1. Offshore Outsourcing
      1. Key Drivers
    2. Area to Outsource
    3. Six Cornerstones of Outsourcing
    4. Cost Drivers and Decreasing the Cost
    5. Who Ventures Offshore?
    6. Who Such Endeavors Fail

  4. Creating and Offshoring Business Model
    1. Overview
    2. Phases of Offshore Implementation
    3. Variations of Offshore Business Models
    4. Evolution of Business Models

  5. Understanding the Flow of Offshoring Landscape
    1. Departmental Intervention and Relationships
    2. Case Profile
    3. Need to Segment the Business Landscape
    4. The Involvement Must Translate Into a ROI

  6. Information Technology and Offshore Outsourcing
    1. You Can't Play in Everybody's Backyard
    2. Evolution of the Process
    3. How the IT Process Looks Offshore
    4. Developing Your Business case and Plan

  7. CRM in the Offshore Outsourcing Environment
    1. Overview
    2. Why are Companies Offshoring Their Critical Contact Centers
    3. Types of Contact Center's Employed in Offshore Outsourcing
    4. Issues, Concerns and Opportunities

  8. Offshore Outsourcing of the Finance and Accounting Functions
    1. What is the Motive Behind Offshoring this Critical Process
    2. Process Plan for the Company Strategy
    3. Strategy for Offshoring the Finance and Accounting Process
    4. Issues, Concerns and Opportunities
    5. Case Profile

  9. Deploying the Human Resource Function in International Waters
    1. When did HR Offshore Outsourcing Begin?
    2. Overview of the Evolution
    3. How to Implement a Successful HR Deployment
    4. Case Profile
    5. Creating a Successful Business Case for Selling the Process

  10. Back Office Processing is a Natural Evolution
    1. What is the Processing Costing Your Organization Today
    2. Comparison and Contrast
    3. Offshoring Document and Content Management
    4. Case Profile

  11. Developing Your Organizations Offshore Strategy
    1. Where to Begin
    2. The 10-Step Road Map for Success
    3. Supplier Selection, Audit, References and Site Analysis
    4. Modifying the Modi-Method for Best Fit Site Selection

  12. Summary