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Onsite Seminar

Relationship Management (Supplier and Customer)

Supplier Risk Management


One need only look at the headlines of the last few years to realize the tremendous challenges facing organizations in coping with supply risks that increase costs and threaten business continuity. Every step in the supply management process involves risk, yet as many studies suggest, supply vulnerability is an area that many organizations have not adequately covered. This seminar is focused on helping those in supply management to meet the supply risk management challenge.

Learning Objectives
  • Increased skill sets in supply chain risk management
  • Issues leading to greater supply risk in today's economies
  • Overcoming barriers to a higher level of risk management
  • Categorization of risk and sources of risk
  • Risk gathering techniques
  • Methods of determining the impact and probability of risk
  • Evaluating the risk beyond the 1st tier of the Supply Chain
  • Responses to risk
  • Contract types to transfer risk
  • The development of contingency plans to ensure business continuity
  • The importance of developing a risk management culture
Seminar Outline
  1. Defining Supply Management Risk, trends leading to greater risk, barriers to risk management, disbeliefs about risks
  2. Categories of risk, sourcing strategy risks, stakeholders and identifying probable owners of the risk?
  3. Supply risks impact and consequences, risk gathering techniques,
  4. SWOT analysis, scenario planning, brainstorming methods, and failure mode and effect analysis, flowcharting, developing a risk register
  5. Risk probability, fishbone diagram, Pareto analysis, segmentation strategies
  6. How far down and up do you look for risk?, risk in the supply chain, supply chain assessment process, supply chain mapping
  7. Managing the risk, identify responses to risk, internal control, proportionality of control, contract approaches to risk
  8. Business continuity and contingency plans, implementation of risk responses
  9. Principles underpinning resilience, creating a supply risk management culture and agenda, Top 10 Risks Report

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