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Onsite Seminar

Strategic Supply Management

Management of the Value Chain (A Supply Chain Management Perspective)

  1. Introduction
    1. Understanding the Concept of a Value Chain
    2. How Chains are Developed

  2. Appreciating the Value Stream Dynamics
    1. Process Mapping the Value Chain
      1. How the Process Came to Be
      2. Enhancing the Dynamics of the Program
      3. How being Lean is More Effective
    2. Evaluating the Physical Flows
      1. How Mapping Functions Effectively
      2. Value vs. Non-Value Add
      3. Turing the Concepts into a Flow Structure
      4. How VSM Tools are Applicable
    3. Tying Information Flows to the Structure
      1. How to Map a Process Compared to a Structure
      2. Employing a VSM Matrix (8-Mapping Tools)
      3. Internal as Compared to External
      4. How Does Customer Service Fair
      5. How Waste Can be Spotted
      6. Applying Rules of Translation to the Structure
    4. How this can be Applied in Supply Management Programs
      1. ROI for the Transition in Process
      2. How We Can Cut Those Non-Value Added Costs
      3. Developing Improvement Programs to Compliment the New Structure

  3. How VSM Can be Applied in a Strategic Fashion
    1. Implementing Supply Chain Management as Part of the Value Stream
      1. Targets for Change
      2. How Analyzing Your maps Would Improve Your Structure
      3. Milestones in Reviewing Your VSM
      4. Benefits of Changing Your Maps and Risks in Not
    2. How Controlling the Process Impacts the Functions
      1. Tracing the Supply Chain Elements
      2. Deployment of the Four-Stages of the Supply Chain Development Module
      3. How the Organizational Structure Impacts the Results
      4. How New Management Tools Impact the Results

  4. Why Supply Managers Need to be More Strategic
    1. Transitioning Supply Management into a Strategic Force
      1. How to Make the Move
      2. How to Prepare the Organization
    2. Creating an Outcome Matrix
      1. Implementation Equals Results
      2. How the Matrix Works
    3. Objectives in SCM in Migrating More Strategically
      1. The SCM Checklist for Best Practice
      2. Converting Best Practice into a Value Stream Model
    4. Developing an Organizations Best Practice Model
      1. Tools, Timing and Deliverables

  5. Creating a Metrics Environment for Reaching New Levels of Performance
    1. The Power of Measurement Systems
    2. Positive and Negative Impacts of Strategic Measurements
    3. What a Measurement System Should Embrace
    4. Tools and Templates that Work
    5. How a Supply Management Team Can Embrace the Metrics

  6. Making a Change in an Existing Supply Structure
    1. Enhancing the Supply Base
      1. Rationalizing the Supply Base
      2. Creating a Change Overlay for the Supply Pyramid
    2. How Baby-k and VMI are Effective Tools
      1. The Real Value of Consignment Inventories
      2. Value and Cost of a Vendor-Managed Inventory
    3. How to Migrate a Seamless Process from Supply Chain to the Value Stream
      1. Identify the Goal
      2. Steps in the Process
      3. How to Apply the Change Model

  7. Conclusion

  8. Articles

  9. Instructor's Biography

  10. Notes