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Onsite Seminar

Quality Control and Management

Process Mapping for Business Savings and Efficiency

  1. Introduction
    1. Why Reengineer Your Business Process?
    2. The Benefits of Process Mapping

  2. II. Why Should We Review Our Processes?
    1. The Process Mapping Concept
    2. What is a Process?
    3. Why Redesign Our Process?
    4. Characteristics of Reengineering
    5. Shortfalls of the Reengineering Process

  3. How to Apply Process Mapping to the Company
    1. Utilize a Process Management Approach
    2. Know Your Internal Processes
    3. Steps to Improve Your System
    4. Develop a Process Deliverables Model
      1. Systematically Analyze the Process
      2. Segregate Process Deliverables
      3. Identify Value Added from Non-Value Added Tasks
      4. Layout the Value Added Map
      5. Fill in the Steps
      6. Deliver a New Process to the Company
    5. Simplify the Processes for the Future

  4. How has Process Mapping Worked for Other Companies?
    1. Food Distribution Company
    2. Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
    3. Electronics Manufacturer
    4. Banking Operation

  5. Putting Together Your Improvement Team
    1. Adopting a Process Mapping Approach
    2. Develop Goals for the Team
    3. How Best for the Team to Begin
    4. Team Development Process
    5. Charting and Reporting Team Results
    6. Quantifying the Results for Management

  6. How to Collect the Data for the Mapping
    1. Role of the Data Collection Team
    2. How Best to Interview Sources
    3. Developing an Interview Checklist
    4. Successful Methods in Data Interviews

  7. Implementation at Your Facility — Group Activity
    1. Getting Started
    2. How to Create Your Process Map
    3. Defining the Graphic Layouts
    4. Assigning the Process Text
    5. Team Review of the Process
    6. Developing Our Tools
    7. Conducting a Team Mapping Meeting
    8. Identification of Primary Target
      1. Opportunities for Savings
      2. Inefficient Operations
      3. Time Savings
    9. Reports for Management
    10. Quantify the Savings

  8. Conclusion