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Onsite Seminar

Purchasing and Supply Management

How-to for Maximizing an Internet Reverse Auction

  1. Introduction
    1. Why the New Tool?
    2. Is it an Asset or a Liability?

  2. In the Beginning...
    1. The Web Genesis
    2. The Web Growth
    3. Today's World Wide Web

  3. Internet Auctions
    1. What is an Auction?
    2. What is an Internet Auction?
    3. The World is Your Marketplace
    4. The Benefits to a Buyer and a Seller

  4. The Language of the Internet
    1. Who's Who at the Posting
    2. An Auction vs. a Listing
    3. Terms be Understand
    4. Contractual Obligations

  5. How to Use a Reverse Auction to Your Advantage
    1. System Applications
    2. Host Rules
    3. Process to Employ
    4. Strategy Which Works Best

  6. When is a Reverse Auction Best?
    1. Type of Products Which are Best on a Reverse Auction
    2. Which items Should Not be Used
    3. Specifics to Watch

  7. When Appropriate for an Organization
    1. Products
    2. Service
    3. Capital Equipment
    4. Plant Assets

  8. Case Analysis
    1. Case Study I
    2. Case Study II