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Onsite Seminar

Purchasing and Supply Management

Developing and Managing an Effective Supplier Diversity Program

  1. Introduction
    1. The Evolving World of Diversity
    2. Where Did the Diversity Emphasis Begin
    3. Statistics in Support

  2. Understanding the Diversity Conundrum
    1. Defining Diversity
    2. What's Inside the Definition
    3. How It can Apply in Corporations
    4. Advantages and Disadvantages
    5. Risks in a Diversified Workforce

  3. Where to Find Diversity
    1. It's Not Hard to Find
    2. Places Diversity Can Be Conveys and Shares
    3. Tradeshows and Forums
    4. How Best to Embrace with the Team
    5. Best Practice Applications with Diversity

  4. Starting Your Firm's Diversity Platform
    1. It's not an Event, It's a Program
    2. The Hub of Any Program Begins at the Top
    3. Initially a Compliance Driven, Now Strategically Focused
    4. Where Does Supply Chain Management Fit?
    5. How Can SCM Not Only Endorse and Support but Gain from the Efficiencies?
    6. New Strategic Initiatives SCM Can Apply in the Future
    7. Case Analysis

  5. Applying the Farm Rule — It's Not What You Plant, Rather It is What You Cultivate!
    1. Deciding What to Plant — Creating a Strategic Sourcing Plan Aligned to the Organization Strategic Plan
    2. Deciding How Much to Plant — Creating a Sourcing Model @ a Pareto Model
    3. When to Harvest the Crop — What is Expected from the Supplier's Selected output
    4. Selling the Crop — Assessing the ROI on the Diversity Pyramid
    5. Checking the Crop — Measuring the Diversified Supply Base
    6. Reviewing the Results — Benchmarking Activity for Subsequent Improvements
    7. Group Activity — Creating your Work Plan for Deployment of the Diversified Supply Base

  6. Types of Diversity to Employ in the Organization
    1. Types of Diversified Workforces
      1. Minority Owned
      2. Women Owned
      3. HUB/SBA/MWBE/8A
      4. Others
    2. Applying a Risk Model to a Diversified Supply Base
    3. Employing Technology to Enhance your Operational and Purchasing Efficiencies
    4. Case Example

  7. The Future of Diversity in Tomorrows Work Place
    1. Needs and Opportunities
    2. Direction and Application
    3. Governmental Regulations
    4. The Next Steps
    5. How CI Envisions the Future
    6. New Metrics for the Future

  8. Conclusion