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Onsite Seminar

Negotiations & Collaboration

Negotiating with Single and Sole Sourced Suppliers

  1. Introduction/Opening
    1. Overview of the Negotiation Process
    2. Understanding the Dilemma
    3. What Negotiations Mean in This Situation

  2. Defining the Cast of Players
    1. What is a Single Sourced Acquisition?
    2. What is a Sole Sourced Acquisition?
    3. Creating a Supplier Relationship Spectrum
    4. Where Do We See the Shift in Industries?

  3. How Did This Occur Anyway?
    1. Natural Competitive Slants
    2. Corporate Slants Made to Order
    3. Industries Most Prone to S/S2 Environments

  4. Issues and Concerns to Purchasing Supply Management
    1. Benefits, Risks and Advantages of a S/S2 Situation
    2. Comparison and Contrast
    3. Organizing Your Case
    4. Do We Lose Competitive Environment, Price Advantages, and Future Leverage

  5. How Does David Win With Goliath?
    1. The Psychological Factors Which Influence and Drive a Negotiation
    2. Needs Fulfillment and Deprivation
    3. Understanding Their Power Position
      1. Drivers
      2. Motivations
      3. Product
      4. Time
      5. Risk
    4. What Does David Have to Offer?
      1. Business
      2. Money
      3. Reference
      4. Connectivity to Future Business
      5. Find, Source or Develop an Alternative
      6. Risk
    5. Can There be a Mutual Partnering Advantage?

  6. The Power and Use of Questions
    1. How We Formulate and Use a Question
    2. Five Functions of a Question
    3. Manageable and Unmanageable Questions

  7. Developing a L-O-B @ S/S2 Environments
    1. Knowing the L-O-B Limits
    2. Characteristics of a L-O-B
    3. Graphic Representations
    4. Example of a Applying a L-O-B
    5. Creating a S/S2 Negotiation Decision Tree
    6. Understanding the Probability of an Outcome

  8. Negotiation Checklist
    1. Sample Checklist — General
    2. Typical Negotiation Checklist in a S/S2 Environment
    3. Group Exercise — Developing a Checklist to Your Company

  9. Techniques Used in S/S2 Negotiations
    1. Posturing the Other Side
    2. S/S2 Techniques Which Work
    3. Buyer's Top 10 Techniques Which Work Best in a S/S2 Situation
    4. Team Negotiation Techniques and Their Application

  10. Conclusion