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Onsite Seminar

Material Management & Inventory Control

Understanding Supplier Capabilities, Capacity and Constraints

In our analysis of a supplier's review prior to selection, we fail to probe the three-C's that can spell failure to supplier relationships.

These three C's are:

  1. Capabilities Management and its Support
  2. Capacity — The Ability to Meet Future Demands
  3. Constraints — Future Contracts for Supply As Well As Their Financial Stability

This session continues with the more in depth questions we should have asked in those earlier supplier audits and plant tours. This is why we need to expand or evaluations further than ever before. The selection of the supplier does not consummate the deal, rather it is the beginning of risk to the buyer's firm. Our analysis needs to be more probing and in-depth than most supplier reviews.

The session includes:

  • The Identification of Risk
  • How to Assess a Supplier's Capabilities, Goals, Targets, Managerial Skills, Depth in Key Groups and What is Outsourced.
  • Focus on the Capacity of the Supplier's Operation, Plant, Equipment, Time, Backup Suppliers, Output Ratios and Other Factors That Can Affect Their Abilities to Perform to Contract.
  • Supplier's Ability to Put Words into Action
  • Assessing a Supplier's Financial Prowess & Capital Investment
  • Long-term Contract with Suppliers; Vision, Outlook, and Future Direction of Alliance Partners.
Who Should Attend:

The seminar is perfect for sending your supplier survey and audit team, buyers, supply managers, directors and those who have an interest on the financial impacts of proper supplier selection.