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Onsite Seminar

Manufacturing and Production

Supply Chain Applications in Demand Management

  1. Introduction
    1. Understanding the Concepts of Demand Management (DM)
    2. Why Demand Management is a Necessary Application
    3. Rationale for Change

  2. Foundations of Demand Management
    1. What is Demand Management?
    2. Comparison and Contrast
    3. Why Our Company Should get Involved
    4. Demand Management Principals
    5. Advantages and Disadvantages
    6. Communicating and Sharing Demand
    7. What Influences Demand?
    8. Controlling and Managing the Demand Function

  3. Use/Applications/Techniques in DM
    1. How SCM's View and Apply Demand
    2. Your Firm's Demographic Impact
    3. Applying Forecasting and Planning Strategies
    4. Understanding the Role of Uncertainty
    5. Metrics and Standards
    6. How Technology Assists the SCM

  4. Article and Group Exercise in Demand Management

  5. Coordinating the Supply Chain Efforts
    1. Collaboration
    2. DM Integration
    3. Multiple Views of Demand
    4. Issue and Techniques

  6. Applying Performance Metrics Meaningful to SCM
    1. Accuracy to Plan
    2. Share/Volume/Units
    3. Customer Increase/Decrease
    4. Unit Cost Per Unit
    5. Inventory Concerns
    6. Profitability

  7. Technology Roles and Applications
    1. Roadmap to Success
    2. Process Definition to Skills development and Enhancements
    3. Demand Management Enablers
    4. Software Types and Brand Management

  8. Upstream/Downstream Collaboration
    1. Defined
    2. Pros and Cons
    3. Highlights of Discussion
    4. Elements of Demand Collaboration

  9. Demand Agreement and Supply Integration
    1. Risk Assessment
    2. Review Template
    3. Creating a New Profile
    4. Showing the Value to the Organization and SCM
    5. Best Practices in Supply Chain Collaboration

  10. Case Example of Developing a Demand Management Communication Conduit

  11. Article on Demand Management Tools

  12. Conclusion