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Onsite Seminar

Purchasing and Supply Management

Advanced Purchasing Practices

Take your profession to the next level by learning these advanced techniques for optimizing your supplier base. Enhance your negotiating skills and improve the supplier selection process for a stronger purchasing-supplier interface. Leave with an understanding of how costs impact profits.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is for those who have attended ISM's Fundamentals of Purchasing seminars or have some experience with purchasing and supply, and desire to enhance their ability to positively impact the purchasing-supplier interface and relationship development. This seminar addresses several key areas of importance for continued supplier performance improvement.

You Will Learn
  • Key steps to supplier evaluation and selection
  • Improved one-on-one negotiations
  • How to develop a supplier rating system that is effective and relevant for your organization
  • Cost and price analysis for improved negotiations
  • How to manage supplier relations and the internal link
Course Outline
  1. Developing a strategic supply base strategy; Why you need to optimize your supplier base; Four key stages of supply base consolidation; Six steps to developing supplier strategy; Eight areas to consider
  2. The impact of quality on cost; PPM strategy; Specifications; Parts, prints, and tolerances; Standardization
  3. The impact of costs on profits; Material costs; Indirect materials
  4. Cost/price analysis highlights; Components of price; Developing a cost estimate; Resources for cost data; Exercise
  5. Negotiations highlights: One-on-one; Debriefing; How to be the best negotiator you can be; Style; Process; Listening skills; Succeeding in negotiations; Examples; Exercise
  6. Who should participate in supplier selection; Key factors to consider in selection; Measuring supplier performance; Why you should have a supplier rating system; What to measure; Ways of measuring; How to develop a successful program
  7. Managing supplier relations; Defining their role; Using measurements to heighten supplier performance; Highlights of supplier alliance
  8. Hands-on exercises