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Onsite Seminar

Commodity Management

Category Management

  1. Introduction
    1. Category Management's New Lease on Life
    2. Why Category Management is More Important than Ever

  2. The Genesis of Category Management (CM)
    1. The Evolution of CM
      1. Where it Began
      2. Why it Expanded
    2. CM Initially Began with Retailer's Strategy
    3. What this can do for SCM's

  3. The Ten Steps of Category Management
    1. Conduct the Commodity Profile and Spend Analysis
    2. Define the Best Category Based
      1. A, B, C Analysis
      2. Spend Profiles
      3. Risk Management
    3. Developing a Strategy for Success
    4. Set the Performance Metrics with Category Scorecards
      1. Standards
      2. Targets
      3. Measurements
    5. Creating an Acquisition Strategy
    6. Develop the Plan and Deployment Methodologies
    7. Set Regular Intervals to Measure and Adjust
    8. Bringing Your Customer into Category Management
    9. Identify Performance Metrics and Auditable Standards

  4. Article on Category Analysis, Risk and Management

  5. Creating a Category Management Matrix
    1. Company Profile Assessment
      1. Sales and Inventory Analysis
      2. Sales/Procurement Forecast
      3. Supply Chain Analysis
      4. Key Account Management
      5. Category Management
      6. Sales and Inventory Analysis
    2. Vertical and Horizontal Format

  6. Legal Implications of Category Management
    1. Antitrust Implications
      1. Conwood Decision
      2. Sylvania
      3. Monsanto
    2. Inter-brand Compared to Intra-brand

  7. Group Case Discussion

  8. Proactive Category Management
    1. Integrated Marketing/Merchandising Planning
      1. Suppliers/Competition/Location Clusters/Financial Results
      2. Today's Strategies

  9. Connecting Category Management and Loyalty Strategies
    1. Difficulties in Connectivity
    2. How Attributes and Applications
    3. Indexing and Linkages
    4. Next Steps

  10. Emergence of Category Management as a Science
    1. Power Leverage
    2. Category Strategy
    3. Roles and Rules
    4. Categories Tactics and Applications
    5. Evaluations

  11. Article Review

Who Should Attend

Purchasing and supply managers, buyers and other professionals seeking effective techniques to manage category strategy and spend.

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