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Onsite Seminar

Manufacturing and Production

Material Requirements Planning (MRP): Using It Effectively

As the driving force in a manufacturing environment, Material Requirements Planning (MRP) can be both a blessing and a curse. Attend this seminar and find out how you can make MRP work for you. Discover how to use MRP outputs to manage the material flow process, in both stable and unstable environments. Improvements in inventory levels, delivery performance, quality and customer satisfaction are achievable - even in the worst environments.

Who Should Attend

Professionals who work within an MRP environment or are transitioning to one. Supply management professionals who want to maximize the performance of their operations.

You Will Learn
  • The planning levels and processes, what makes them work and how to measure them
  • What the computer does and how
  • How policy decisions for materials affect you
  • How to use MRP to simplify your job - even if it's not "accurate"
  • How to improve inventory accuracy
  • Measurements that should drive your business
  • How to merge MRP systems and auto-replenishment systems

Course Outline
  1. The Planning Process: Production planning, rough-cut capacity planning, product models
  2. The Master Schedule: Reconciliation, time fences and other tools
  3. Material Requirements Planning: What the computer does and how
  4. Inputs and Outputs: Inventory, bills of material, item master files
  5. Policy Decisions: Make/buy, lead time, lot size, safety stock, commodity codes
  6. Using MRP: Optimizing purchasing, supplier scheduling, automatic resupply signals
  7. Inventory Management: Cycle counting and inventory accuracy, using MRP to manage inventory levels, excess and obsolete material
  8. Measurements: Measuring the effectiveness of your operations, internal discipline, feedback

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