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Onsite Seminar

Legal Concepts and Contracting

Administering Contracts: From Start to Finish

The objective of every organization is that the contracting process results in a fair and reasonable price for high quality, on-time delivery of goods, equipment or services required. This seminar is designed to take the participant through the many steps of contract administration from the time the award is made through acceptance and final payment. Those attending will have a better chance of ensuring that the contract close out is at the end of a very successful project.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with contract administration responsibilities, especially those working in organizations that demand world-class skills sets from those involved in contract administration activities.

You Will Learn
  • The elements of contract administration
  • Contract administration techniques
  • Contract performance measurement
  • How to get fair treatment in contract changes
  • Types of Statements of Work and Developing the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Contract termination issues
  • Forms of payments and considerations for Progress Payments
  • Acceptance and close out issues
  • The inputs and outputs in contract administration
Course Outline
  1. Objectives of contract administration, contract life cycle, important elements, skills sets, key players and inputs to contract administration
  2. The post award conference, contract documentation, Statements of Work, Developing the Work Breakdown Structure
  3. Typical outputs of contract administration, monitoring techniques, performance measurement, identify and controlling risk
  4. Contract types, and contracts with economic price adjustments
  5. Maintaining contract schedules, expediting techniques, major causes of changes, contract price changes and evaluating price changes
  6. Bonds & guarantees, force majeure, liquidated damages, buyer’s rights before performance is due
  7. Contract terminations, breach of contract and supplier/contractor relationships
  8. Final acceptance, forms of payment, progress payments
  9. Claims and disputes, warranties, close out procedures and post contract review meeting

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