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Onsite Seminar

Global Positioning

Essentials of Purchasing from Latin America

You Will Learn

  • Key challenges in global purchasing and how they relate to purchasing in Latin America
  • The foundation for importing from Latin America
  • Purchasing issues unique to Latin America
  • International trade and compliance matters
  • Effective methods for surpassing international purchasing hurdles
  • How to maximize advantages of the Latin America market

Course Outline

  1. Introduction: Why we need review; Global purchasing issues; SCMs urgency to understand
  2. Understanding the Dynamics of the Global Marketplace: Key definitions of import/export; Rules and regulations; Risks and concerns; Value and opportunity; Why pursue the outside marketplace?
  3. Latin America: Countries; History; Culture; People; Economics; Trade; Exportation; Other essential facts
  4. Laying the Foundation for Importing from Latin America: Products; Suppliers; Volumes; Quality considerations; Trade considerations (quotas, embargos, duties, others); Compliance for country laws (export control, control licenses, export regulations); US Customs considerations (custom brokers, in-house, importer’s bond, importer’s liability, ports of importation, dumping issues and concerns, reduced duty and duty free, FTZ, country of origin, custom statements); Import crating/packing and labeling (products, markings, documents); US country considerations (market price, importing country restrictions, Terms of purchase, Insurance considerations, Sources of transportation, Import financing, Issues of intellectual property, Types of payments required, translation, branch operations -Global Buying Offices-Licensing-Subsidiaries-JVs)
  5. Documents Buyers Need for Importation to the US: Value of written documentation; Types of order placement; Drafting the international purchase order; Key clauses on the IPO (comparison & contracts with a domestic order); Examples of forms utilized; Import distributor and sales agent agreement; Form example; Import sales agents agreement; Import documents
  6. Special Issues in Importing: Duty drawbacks; Barter; Countertrade; Government agency involvement; Office of Homeland Security
  7. Items Our Company Seeks from Latin America: Issues; Risks; Next step

Who Should Attend

The session is designed for the global purchasing and supply professionals who are concerned with the acquisition and delivery of goods from global trading partners.

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