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Onsite Seminar

Ethics & Social Responsibility

Business Ethics and Supply Management

You Will Learn
  • What business ethics is and how behavior impacts business
  • How gifts and gratuities can create influence
  • What constitutes undue influence
  • How to handle information and whether it is confidential or not
  • What the spectrum of relationships with suppliers might be and the impact on negotiations
Course Outline
  1. Overview of ethics and ethical issues: Personal versus corporate ethics and impacts of behavior
  2. What is ok to accept and what is not
  3. Creation of influence
  4. Power of example and exposure
  5. What is the creation of undue influence, what creates it, and how does it manifest itself
  6. Conflict of interest
  7. Handling of information: Confidential versus not, quotes
  8. Relationships with suppliers
  9. Negotiations and what if you disagree
  10. Where to go from here: What to do, how to ask for clarity, and how to report a breech
Who Should Attend

Executive management, supply management and anyone who has contact with suppliers, especially the new products design community, production, quality, and distribution.