Are There Any Low-Cost Ways to Earn CEHs?

Need to earn Continuing Education Hours (CEHs)? Short on funds to pay for training? Don't despair. ISM has several low-cost options to keep your CPSM®, CPSD™, C.P.M. or A.P.P. certification current. Some are even free.

  • ISM presents free web seminars throughout the year on trends that affect supply management. You can participate from anywhere in the world and earn one Continuing Education Hour (CEH) each time you attend the live program. Register in the Seminars section of the ISM website.

  • Already an ISM member? You earn three CEHs for every year you are an active ISM member during your current certification period.

  • Attend your ISM affiliate meetings. Most meetings are US$50 or less and usually you receive at least one CEH each time you attend.

  • Did you take or teach any business-related training through your employer?

  • Did you take any personal career development courses such as "Effective Communication" or "Microsoft Excel"?

  • Was your article published in a supply management-related magazine or journal?

  • Did you attend or present at one of ISM's conferences or seminars? Did you attend or present at other industry-related conferences or seminars?