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Sunday May 6, 2012

Workshop Sessions Z
ZA   Navigating and Networking at the Conference

Recommended for first-time Conference attendees, but this will benefit everyone. The focus is on how to make the most of your networking opportunities while you're in Baltimore. Who you meet is just as important as what you learn. Discover ...

ZB   Move Your Career Forward With a Professional Credential From ISM

Are you looking for ways to stay competitive? ISM offers three credentials — CPSM®, CSM™, and CPSD™ — to strengthen your supply management toolbox. This session helps you find the credential that fits your career goals. Discover ...

ZC   Professional Value Chain: Developing and Maintaining Your Value

Take charge of your career! This interactive session explores the various aspects, metrics and kpi's for continued professional growth. Using the supply (value) chain model, you'll be motivated to move your career forward. The facilitator ...

ZG   Making the Most of Meetings

We've created a thousand excuses to avoid them, and dozens of technologies to replace them, but sometimes there is nothing like an actual face-to-face session with colleagues from nearby cubicles or stakeholders from across the enterprise ...

ZH   How to Hyper-Power Your Professional Network

Professionals limit their ability to be promoted, grow professionally and solve business problems because they are poorly networked both within and outside of their organizations. Discover an extraordinary — but simple and totally achievable ...

Workshop Sessions A
AA   Maximizing Results While Maintaining Flexibility

Learn how a leading supply management capability was built as Tyco International grew to a US$40 billion company. This organization was able to create value as the company made significant acquisitions, and continued to excel while supporting ...

AB   Executive Panel: Services Procurement Best Practices

Panelists address such services spend areas as contingency labor, facilities services and marketing. This is a rare opportunity to explore this topic with high-level executives from prestigious organizations.

AC   Strategic Sourcing Plans Made Easier With a Takeaway Outline

An often-cited best practice in supply management is the development of formal short- and long-range strategic sourcing plans for major spending segments. If you want to implement this valuable best prac-tice, this session provides a detailed ...

AD   Transformation Beyond Corporate Borders: Maximizing Value With Suppliers

Learn how to maximize supplier value while optimizing operational performance via a four-part strategy: make-versus-buy based on footprint/core competencies, ongoing management for quality/reliability, strategic collaborations on productivity/volatility ...

AE   Ask Strategic Questions to Align Supply Management Work and Deliver Greater Results

When faced with requests from your internal customers, do you ask the powerful questions that uncover strategic goals or do you focus on tactics that may not get the desired results? How do you manage these conversations without alienating ...

AF   Country Risk Management: Protect Your Global Supply Chain

Having advance insight into shifting country economies, politics and commercial standings can make the difference in having a smooth-running supply chain, even when disaster strikes, causing costly disruptions. Operating a successful global ...

AG   The 10 Laws of Negotiating

There are 10 key laws that govern the negotiating process. Those who understand and harness the power of these laws reap huge dividends throughout their negotiating careers. Those who unknowingly violate the laws of negotiations pay heavy ...

AH   Driving Transformational Change: A Working Session for Supply Chain Leaders

Creating change, leading change, enabling change — all are key aspects of a supply leader's role. So, where do you start? What do you do? How do you leverage others? What is required to successfully drive change inside, across and outside ...

AI   Has China Lost Its Low-Cost Edge?

Gain a clear picture of China's future as a low-cost manufacturing hub. Although many factors contribute to the rise in Chinese manufacturing costs, the focus of this session is on labor costs and productivity. The outlook for Chinese labor ...

AJ   Supply Chain Risk Management: Lessons From the Japan Earthquake

Explore lessons learned from the recent earthquake in Japan. Discover a new way of thinking about risk management and examine the various elements that supply managers need to consider to be prepared for future disruptions.


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