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Sunday May 15, 2011

Workshop Session ZA
ZA   Navigating and Networking at the Conference

For first-time Conference attendees and others, this session focuses on how to make the most of your networking opportunities. Who you meet is just as important as what you learn. Discover how to make contact with your colleagues and develop ...

Workshop Session ZB
ZB   ISM Professional Credentials: Take Your Career to New Heights

Learn the basics of the Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) and Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity™ (CPSD™) programs, including the application requirements, steps in the process and study ...

Workshop Sessions A
AA   Leading Supply Management Transformation: Key Success Factors and Pitfalls

One challenge that procurement professionals face is senior management's lack of understanding regarding the strategic opportunity they can provide. Based on actual experience from leading procurement transformations, the presenter shares ...

AB   Executive Panel: Charting a Course in Shifting Economic Winds

Join our panelists as they present their experience in dealing with uncertainty from a supply management perspective. Our three panelists collectively have procurement experience in industries ranging from automotive and aviation to consumer ...

AC   Sourcing Complex Spend Categories: How to Extend the Reach of Procurement Into Complex Spend Categor

In a tepid economic recovery, procurement professionals grapple with increasingly difficult performance expectations. Procurement organizations must extend their reach into more diverse and complex spend categories to deliver continued savings. ...

AD   Best Practices in Supply Chain and Supplier Risk Management

This session covers best practices in supply chain and supplier risk management. Look for best-in-class risk mitigation and management strategies, business processes and execution plans derived from Fortune 500 companies. In addition, learn ...

AE   Harnessing the Globe for Workforce Optimization

Worldwide resource alternatives for skilled labor have never been more widely available or competitive. Learn a broad range of proven choices to develop your company's globalization strategy. Topics include best practices to enable bottom-line ...

AF   Telling Your Price Performance Story: Creating a Purchased Price Index

When prices are volatile, how can you show that supply management is doing a great job? Learn the step-by-step of how-to develop and maintain a purchased price index and compare it to external indexes so you can demonstrate supply management's ...

AG   CANCELLED — Clobberation to Collaboration
Workshop cancelled.
AH   Making the Supply Chain Truly Visible to Top Management

Supply chain management is surrounded by a cloak of invisibility: We only hear about it when something goes wrong. Examine why this view exists and discover the four specific areas critical to transforming the supply chain from invisible ...

AI   Lean in a Global Supply Chain Environment

Explore the cost reduction opportunities offered by lower-cost suppliers delivering to manufacturing plants operating in a pull signal environment. Explore logistics, quality and cost evaluation challenges.

AJ   Transportation and Security Issues in Global Trade

A multilayered presentation and discussion featuring representatives from U.S. government agency who will discuss all the existing security regulations in place, including CCSP, the CSA 2010 Initiative and TSA screening. The discussion includes ...

Mega Sessions 1
CON1   Contracting: Terms, Technology and KPIs

This extended session focuses on the major new and changing issues in contracts that supply managers use every day. It delves into these issues and also discusses using technology to help procurement professionals protect their companies. ...


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