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Sunday May 3, 2009

Workshop Sessions A
AA   Opportunity in China, Today and Tomorrow

This discussion includes the important consumer and B2B opportunities that are driven by the significant demographic changes that are underway in China and what companies can do to understand and capture the opportunities. Discover the myriad ...

AB   Supply Chain Sustainability: Truth or Fiction?

In the rush to embrace sustainability, firms may not be achieving their desired goals. This session examines the concept in the realms of environmental, social and business sustainability, and discusses the approaches of several organizations.

AC   Taking Spend Analysis to the Next Level: You've Got a Spend Cube, Now What?

For the past 10 years companies have focused on getting their spend data in order. Significant strides have been made both in cleaning up the P2P process to provide better data integrity and in implementing spend tools to collect, cleanse ...

AD   Leadership in Changing and Challenging Times

To succeed in these challenging economic, political and business environments, both individuals and organizations must embrace change, manage change and ultimately become leaders of change. This workshop provides a summary of critical leadership ...

AE   Currencies and Inflation

Economic overview that includes essentials to successfully manage supply in an uncertain global economy.

AF   Creating a Purchased Price Index as a Key Performance Indicator

When cost reductions are difficult to obtain and prices increase, how can you show that supply management is still doing a great job? Developing and maintaining a Purchased Price Index and comparing it to external indexes is an essential ...

AG   Risk in the Supply Chain

Increased attention shines on supply management professionals as corporate leadership depends on us to meet the challenges of managing risk in our organizations. This workshop identifies supply chain risk elements, specific risk control ...

AH   Building Supplier Relationships

This session offers key insights into how senior supply chain executives develop strategic relationships with their best suppliers during challenging times. Discover how to develop relationships with suppliers who require personalized attention. ...

AI   Supplier Bankruptcy: How to Mitigate Your Risk

This session provides an overview of the bankruptcy climate and specific proactive risk mitigation steps the supply manager can take. It will also include key criteria for consideration when deciding which suppliers to assist. Take away ...

Wokshop Sessions ZA
ZA   Navigating and Networking the Conference

For first time attendees and others, this session focuses on how to make the most of your networking opportunities at the Conference. Who you meet is just as important as what you learn during your workshops. Discover how to make contact ...

Workshop Sessions ZB
ZB   I Want To Be A CPSM®, Now What?

Get all your questions answered at this interactive meeting on how to prepare for the CPSM® whether you are a new candidate or a C.P.M. taking the Bridge Exam. Beginning with an overview of the CPSM® requirements, attendees ...


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