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Sunday May 4, 2008

Workshop Sessions A
AA   The Concept of Lean Business Practice

Attend this session to learn about the concept of "lean" from experts responsible for the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing. Be able to answer the questions: Why lean? What is the difference between lean and six sigma? If lean ...

AB   Social Responsibility: A Plan for the Growth of Socially Responsible Procurement

The adoption of Social Responsibility (SR) programs should be adopted by most organizations as a socially responsible supply chain should be able to help any organization reduce its costs while helping the environment and the community. ...

AC   Supply Management in the Decade Ahead: Strategic Imperatives

The world isn't just flat; it's spinning. Without understanding the key aspects of the next decade in supply management, our world may spin out of control. This session kicks off the conference track "Supply Management in the Decade Ahead: ...

AD   Sourcing in Eastern Europe

Explore the challenges and benefits of doing business in Eastern Europe. Hear real-life examples from supply management practitioners who do business in Eastern Europe on a daily basis. Use this information to make decisions about your global ...

AE   Creating a Purchased Price Index as a Key Performance Indicator

Repeated in Session CE
When cost reductions are difficult to obtain and prices are going up, how can you show that supply management is doing a great job? Developing and maintaining a Purchased Price Index and comparing it ...

AF   Finding the Gotchas in Equipment Leasing Before They Find You

Repeated in Session DF
Why is it that equipment leases often end up costing more than you expected---sometimes a whole lot more? Did you know that 99% of all leases contain gotchas? If you’re responsible for selecting a leasing ...

AG   Alliance Management (aka Supplier Relationship Management)

Repeated in Session DG
Supply management organizations have established strategic sourcing as a mainstay in regards to negotiating favorable prices and terms. However, developing an effective and ongoing alliance management ...

AH   Sourcing and Managing Marketing Agency Spend

Purchasing involvement in marketing and especially in marketing agency spend management is still relatively new. This workshop provides practical advice and examples to sourcing professionals who want to make an impact in the short and long ...

AI   Strategies For Negotiating And Managing Relationships With Single/Sole Source Suppliers

Many sourcing and procurement professionals are challenged by the need to negotiate and manage relationships with single or sole source suppliers. The (apparent) absence of leverage often creates barriers to negotiating optimal agreements ...

AJ   Electronic Information & Supply Chain Document Retention Policies: Practical And Strat Consideration

Virtually all business documents and records are created and saved in electronic format. The presenters will examine the legal and practical interplay between supply chain management and electronic record creation, retention and deletion, ...

AK   Negotiating With Single and Sole Source Suppliers

Repeated in Session BF
Few negotiations are more difficult than those with single and sole source suppliers. With seemingly little negotiating leverage for the buyer, even minor concessions from the suppliers seem grueling ...

Navigating and Networking at the Conference Workshop
ZA   Navigating and Networking at the Conference

If this is your first Conference, take this opportunity to learn how to navigate the Conference during this special Sunday morning session. Members of the ISM Conference Leadership Committee (CLC) offer suggestions on how to get the most ...

Networking Jam Sessions
ZB   Networking Jam Sessions

Get the most out of your networking when you attend the Roundtable session on Sunday May 4, 2008 from 1:00 – 2:00 pm. This is your chance to share experiences, gain answers or just bounce ideas off your colleagues.

Update on the CPSM
ZC   Update on the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM)

Start your Conference out right by getting the latest information on the CPSM. This information meeting is intended for all professionals regardless of their current certification. The meeting focuses on general requirements, the C.P.M. ...


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