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Sunday May 6, 2007

Workshop Sessions A
AA   Maximizing Your Investment for All Types of Human Capital

Learn how to use the global human capital mix, tools, methodologies and best practices to guide your organization to capture a competitive edge. Human capital aspects such as enterprise visibility, global workforce, costs and risk mitigation ...

AB   Viva Lean Vegas! Applying Quality to Determine Supply Management’s Value

Innovation is the buzzword in nearly every company today. But how do you get the process off the ground? Learn how one company leveraged an innovation toolkit to design the sourcing tools of tomorrow. Discover a method to measure your innovation ...

AC   Achieving the Next Level of Strategic Supply Management

Most progressive supply management organizations have undertaken strategic supply management (SSM) efforts to improve their procurement programs. Explore a methodology for measuring the current state of SSM, establishing a plan for increasing ...

AD   Market Intelligence as a Critical Supply Management Tool

Learn the core elements to building a successful supply market intelligence network and how to use its value throughout the organization. This session addresses the challenges and benefits of creating and using market intelligence for supply ...

AE   Navigating the Rough Seas of Intercultural Negotiation

Global supply sourcing keeps business competitive, necessitating high levels of intercultural negotiation competence. In this practical, engaging and participatory workshop, learn a model for understanding the effect of culture on the negotiation ...

AF   Supplier Diversity: Impacting the Bottomline!

Discover how supplier rationalization and other challenges impact minority suppliers. Learn what you can do to have a strong supplier diversity program, especially when faced with challenges of organizational change, pressures to increase ...

AG   Commodity Price Increases and Supply Strategies

Hear from a panel of seasoned supply practitioners from a variety of industries. Learn how these professionals have successfully worked with the various commodities that affect their businesses. Discover a variety of strategies you can deploy ...

AH   Obsolescence, Surplus, Product Changes: How to Recover Investment Value

Provides insights on how to manage surplus or obsolete equipment and material to your advantage. Hear examples of how one organization manages surplus product to mediate losses and to possibly gain advantages.

AI   Sourcing the Meeting Planning Spend

Look for a presentation and Q&A on sourcing support for a diverse meeting planning spend. Explore the critical parameters to consider when developing sourcing strategies and solutions as well as some case examples of strategies and solutions ...

AJ   Energy Purchasing Techniques That Reduce Costs

Opportunities to lower energy costs are often hidden within the utility bills your organization pays each month. But in order to take advantage of these opportunities, you have to know what you're buying, how you're being billed and what ...

AK   Relationship Management and Collaborative Value Creation

our organization is adept at applying strategic sourcing to yield savings across its external spend base. One result is usually a reduced number of preferred suppliers. The challenge is now more about sustaining value creation through a ...

Navigating and Networking at the Conference Workshop
NN   Navigating and Networking at the Conference

If this is your first Conference, take this opportunity to learn how to navigate the Conference during this special Sunday morning session. Members of the ISM Permanent Conference Committee (PCC) offer suggestions on how to get the most ...

Update on the Certified Professional in Supply Management Workshop
UP   Update on the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM)

Start your Conference out right by getting the latest information on ISM's CPSM. This informational meeting is intended for all professionals regardless of current certification status. The focus is on general requirements for the CPSM and ...

Networking Roundtable Discussions
RT   Networking Roundtable Discussions

You asked for it, you got it! Take advantage of this opportunity to explore, discuss and question (or even grumble with) colleagues from your industry. You might discover a cost saving idea, a new process or just a sounding board for your ...


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