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Sunday May 5, 2002

Workshop Sessions S
SA   The Role of Procurement and Supply Management in Business Strategy

This leading-edge session questions the common assumption that the key to development of the procurement function is the need to develop an expertise in supply management. On the contrary, this session outlines the basic principles of business ...

SB   Supply Chain Management for Non-Manufacturing Organizations

This leading-edge panel addresses supply chain management issues as they relate to non-manufacturing organizations. Find out how the application of supply chain management in manufacturing differs from non-manufacturing, and how supply chain ...

SC   Cost Reduction Strategies in Difficult Times

In this world of heightened competition and the perpetual profit squeeze, the drumbeat for cost reduction is never faraway. Some of the largest firms have used the power strategy of demanding lower prices while others recognize that there ...

SD   The Value Proposition of Industry-Sponsored Consortia and Private Exchanges

The Internet’s ability to generate collaborative commerce quickly created three primary electronic marketplace forms:

  • Public independent marketplaces
  • Industry-sponsored consortia (ISC)
  • Private exchanges ...
SE   Documenting Your Value to the Organization

Senior executives speak a language of numbers such as bottomline impact, return on investment, earnings per share, unit cost, and cash flow analysis. On the other hand, supply managers speak a language of cost savings, cost avoidance, and ...


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