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Opening Keynote with Shelley Stewart

Leadership in Difficult Times: An Explosion of Ideas
What does leadership look like in a time of crisis? Gain a better understanding of leadership and change management as a significant part of getting our jobs done when our panel of high-ranking supply management executives explores the many facets of leadership and what it takes to stay on track during tough economic times. Representing various organizations, industries and roles, each panelist is a seasoned supply leader with real-world examples to draw upon. This discussion guarantees intriguing dialogue from a variety of perspectives. There's never been a better time to develop your leadership skills, so don't miss this essential session. This program also includes Q&A, so be ready with your questions and comments for immediate analysis and feedback.

Shelley Stewart
Senior Vice President, Operational Excellence & Chief Procurement Officer
Tyco International

 Sunday May 3
Keynote with Paul A. Laudicina

Managing a Global Supply Chain in a Globally Challenged World
Today's business environment is fundamentally transformed. New inflection points, such as the recent financial crisis, bring extraordinary change, resulting in organizations reassessing how they do business. The new world order is characterized by a deepening manifestation of globalization, increased focus on innovation and technology, an emphasis on government and environmental degradation. In a globally challenged world, companies that "rigorously research and powerfully imagine the future" through the lens of the global operating environment, and proactively manage their risks accordingly, will come out on top.

Paul A. Laudicina
Managing Officer and Chairman of the Board
A.T. Kearney

 Monday May 4
Business Survey Keynote with Sara L. Johnson and Dr. Mickey D. Levy

Business Survey/Economic Outlook Presentation

Discover insights into the economy that you can apply in your business environment. Norbert J. Ore, C.P.M., chair of the ISM Manufacturing Business Survey Committee; and group director, strategic sourcing and procurement, Georgia-Pacific LLC, releases the committee's Manufacturing Semiannual Economic Forecast. Anthony S. Nieves, C.P.M., CFPM, chair of the ISM Non-Manufacturing Business Survey Committee; and senior vice president — supply management, Hilton Hotels Corporation, releases the committee's Non-Manufacturing Semiannual Economic Forecast.

Featured speakers include two of the nation's most renowned economists:

Sara Johnson is managing director of global macroeconomics with IHS Global Insight where she helps clients assess worldwide business and financial opportunities and risks. IHS Global Insight provides economic forecasts and analyses of 204 countries as well as research studies of critical economic issues. Previously, she was North American research director and chief regional economist with Standard & Poor's DRI, a predecessor of IHS Global Insight. As research director, she managed the U.S. Macro, U.S. Regional, U.S. Industry, Cost Forecasting and Canadian services. Johnson holds a B.A. degree in economics and mathematics from Wellesley College and an M.A. in economics from Harvard University with concentrations in finance and macroeconomic theory. From 1991 to 2001, Ms. Johnson served on the Governor's Economic Council, advising three Massachusetts governors on public policy and economic development and chairing the Governor's Task Force on Tax Policy and Capital Formation through 1999. Johnson is a director of the National Association for Business Economics and a member of The Boston Economic Club and American Economic Association.

As Chief Economist for Bank of America, Dr. Mickey D. Levy analyzes and forecasts national and international economic performance and financial market behavior, and conducts research on monetary and fiscal policies. He sits on the Bank's Asset Liability Committee. In addition to his work with Bank of America, Levy serves on the Shadow Open Market Committee and is an advisor to several Federal Reserve Banks. Dr. Levy has testified before U.S. Congressional committees on topics concerning the Federal Reserve and monetary policy, fiscal and budget policies, economic and credit conditions and the banking industry. His recent research has involved issues of global imbalances and U.S. trade.

Norbert J. Ore
Group Director

Anthony Nieves
Senior Vice President, Supply Management
Hilton Hotels Corporation World Headquarters

Sara L. Johnson
Managing Director, Global Macroeconomics
IHS Global Insight

Dr. Mickey D. Levy
Chief Economist
Bank of America

 Tuesday May 5
Keynote with Bertice Berry, Ph.D.

Making Every Moment a WOW
Sociologist and best selling author Bertice Berry, Ph.D. discusses how you can make your 'purpose collide with destiny.' Combining humor with research findings (it can be done), Berry brings a tradition of doing the right thing to life. She also discusses ways to increase productivity at work while building equity at home and in the community.

Dr. Bertice Berry
Award-winning entertainer, lecturer and comedienne

 Wednesday May 6