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UPMG 2017

Over the years, ISM's Utility Purchasing Management Group (UPMG) has grown significantly and its annual conference continues to be recognized as one of the premier educational events within the utility supply chain industry.

The Utility Purchasing Management Group (UPMG) exists to exchange information and provide a forum for divergent views, all directed toward increasing the knowledge of purchasing as it applies to and affects both utility purchasing management and their suppliers. Officers, managers, and employees of gas, electric, and telecommunications utilities - either investor-owned or government-owned, as well as consumer-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperatives, public power districts, and public utility districts - who are directly involved in purchasing or materials management make up the membership of the UPMG.

The UPMG provides a forum focusing on innovations in purchasing and materials management.

The End of the World and Other Opportunities

The world as we know it is in its final days. Conflict with Russia as well as turmoil in the Middle East and Asia are about to trigger the greatest energy crisis in history. Dozens of countries are slipping into deflationary spirals, with little hope of escape. And America's swerve into demagogic populism is unhinging its entire alliance network. Join Peter Zeihan as he delves into how and why this global disorder has happened — and how it heralds the greatest expansion in American power and security in the history of the republic.


Peter Zeihan, Geopolitical Strategist and author of The Accidental Superpower and The Absent Superpower

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Best Practices/ Contract Models/ EPC Contract Models

This session will focus on Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contracts, including when an EPC Contract should be considered, a framework to choose pricing structure(s), advice on managing EPC Contracts, what type of contractors should be issued an EPC Contract. We will conclude the session with a consideration to adopt an industry framework to facilitate the drafting and negotiations of EPC Contracts.


Markley Ward, Director, AMS-PAR

Dan Morrison, Regional Vice President, Anixter

Russ Steward, Director, SCM North America, Babcock & Wilcox

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Use of Should-Cost Models to Support Data Driven Negotiations

Do you have access to data to proactively identify market-driven opportunities and risks and to execute fact-based negotiations? The session will provide examples of how should cost models can be used to deliver these insights and value to your business unit stakeholders.


Tim Dorsey, Senior Vice President, PowerAdvocate

Dennis Galbraith, CPSM, Director, EPC Procurement Supply Chain, NRG Energy, Inc.

Faith Young, CPSM, Manager II, Strategic Sourcing & Category Management, Duke Energy

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Challenges and Opportunities with Contingent Labor

The landscape in which we manage contingent labor is evolving, and we must adapt and change with it. Join American Electric Power, Pacific Gas and Electric and Tennessee Valley Authority program leaders to discuss how they manage marketplace trends and regulatory requirements to continue evolving their respective programs.


Mannie Alvarez, Director, Corporate Procurement, American Electric Power


Summer Moses, Senior Contract Analyst, American Electric Power

Linda Winter, C.P.M., Corporate Sourcing, Pacific Gas and Electric

Collins Bishop, Senior Contract Manager, Tennessee Valley Authority

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Cyber Security and Third-Party Risk Management

The task of managing risk has never been more complex or important. Threats to our business come in many forms and are not always obvious. This session will explore the critical partnerships and touch points of procurement, legal and cyber security, and how they impact the effectiveness of your business’s risk profile.


Pierce C. Moss, IV, Third Party Risk Governance Lead, AEP Energy

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Distributed Generation: Changing the Electric Utility Landscape

PowerSecure CEO Sidney Hinton will provide attendees an overview of distributed infrastructure including micro-grids, fuel cells, storage, solar and reciprocating engines and how it is changing the electric utility landscaping.


Mark Martyak, Chief Sales Officer, PowerSecure, Inc.

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Indirect Materials Best Practices

Indirect materials are key to an organization’s success. The broadness and scope of indirect spend can motivate practitioners to optimize the procurement process. To achieve their organizational goals, the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles MRO procurement team has developed strategies and best practices — including how to manage complexity, forecasting for demand and the importance of ethics and professionalism — that you can use to optimize your organization’s spend.


Karen Hiatt, Head of Indirect Materials and Facility Purchasing, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)

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How to Reach Inventory Utopia: Challenges, Current State, Phases of Change & Future State

Carrying costs of aged inventory and inventory growth are negatively impacting the bottom line during a time of flat load growth. A paradigm shift has occurred at the leadership level and is pushing better inventory management methods throughout the utility industry. In this session, we will explore how the Tennessee Valley Authority and Duke Energy are moving towards inventory optimization and how your organization can.


Steve Sotwick, Vice President Business Development - Utilities, Oniqua Intelligent MRO

Robert Morris, Senior Manager, Nuclear Materials, Tennessee Valley Authority

Russell Wilkenloh, Manager, Inventory Optimization/Asset Recovery, Duke Energy

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