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UPMG 2016: Amplify Your Supply Chain
September 11 – 13, 2016
Nashville, TN

Monday, September 12, 2016

Opening Remarks
Laura Green | Chair of UPMG & Vice President | Tennessee Valley Authority


GENERAL SESSION 1: Political Climate – Campaign ‘16 Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available
A veteran political insider’s look at the 2016 campaigns and victory prospects for President, Senate, House and Governor

John Ashford | Chairman & CEO | The Hawthorn Group, L.C.


GENERAL SESSION 2: Accessing Sustainable Leadership Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available
To deal with complexities, you must have an adaptable system - and connect to what matters. Performance, Transparency, Innovation and Leadership are key building blocks to a more sustainable future.

Mitch Jackson | VP of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability | FedEx


GENERAL SESSION 3: UAS:  EEI’s Perspective, UAS BVLOS in Sight
Things are changing rapidly at the FAA.  US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said on June 21, 2016, ““We are part of a new era in aviation, and the potential for unmanned aircraft will make it safer and easier to do certain jobs, gather information, and deploy disaster relief.”   Marke “Hoot” Gibson FAA senior adviser for drones, said the current debate reflects “the most fundamental change in aviation in our lives.”  EEI has been working with our members to unlock the potential within the FAA framework.  With the new Part 107 Small UAS Rule now behind us, many EEI members now have UAS Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) in Sight.  The presentation will get you up to speed with the state of Unmanned Aircraft Systems regulation and what EEI is doing to help our members achieve their UAS goals. 

Paul J. Frey | Sr. Manager, Operations | Edison Electric Institute


GENERAL SESSION 4: Mergers and Acquisitions Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available
The U.S. utilities sector is less than half of its size in 1995 as demands for scale, portfolio diversity and earnings growth are influencing how companies think about their future. While companies are still pursuing organic growth options, they are also further turning to inorganic growth that can extend outside their core business and into adjacent sectors such as natural gas infrastructure. The lessons learned from these prior transactions provide a view into motivations, challenges and outcomes that affect incumbents, suppliers and customers.

Thomas J. Flaherty | Partner | PwC


GENERAL SESSION 5: Delivering the Nuclear Promise
The nuclear energy industry is facing an unprecedented situation. To address this challenge, companies that operate America’s nuclear energy facilities are partnering on a multiyear strategy to transform the industry and ensure its viability for consumers as well as the essential role it plays in protecting our environment. This strategy—“Delivering the Nuclear Promise: Advancing Safety, Reliability and Economic Performance”—will advance the industry’s excellence in safety and reliability, assure future viability through bold efficiency improvements and innovation, and drive regulatory and market changes so that nuclear energy facilities are fully compensated for their value.

Anthony R. Pietrangelo | Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer | Nuclear Energy Institute


CONCURRENT SESSION A: Using Analytics to Overcome Your Inventory Challenges
Optimization of spares and materials that support power generation and distribution is under more scrutiny than ever before. There is pressure to:

  • reduce inventory and improve service levels;
  • manage 10’s or 100’s of thousands of items that support a wide variety of nuclear, coal, gas, hydro, wind, transmission and distribution assets;
  • adapt to changes in equipment and maintenance plans
  • evaluate inventory and equipment at plants being decommissioned
  • accomplish these important tasks, and more, with limited staffing and a lack of the information that’s vital to quality decision making.

Prescriptive analytics enables utility companies to overcome these challenges by combining disparate sources of information with your operational business logic and MRO-specific analytics to generate objective recommendations that produce service level improvements, cost reductions and improved supply chain and maintenance productivity.

This session will be led by Rachel Wampler, Manager of Strategy & Analytics for TVA. If you are focused on establishing spares criticality rankings, continuous improvement of stocking levels or, special projects like plant retirements, (or, all of the above) you’ll want to attend this session.

Rachel Wampler | Manager of Strategy and Analytics | Tennessee Valley Authority
Steve Sotwick | Vice President, Business Development | Oniqua Intelligent MRO


CONCURRENT SESSION B: Evolution of Source-to-Pay Technology Landscape Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available
Procurement was never a one-way street.  Yet, traditional procurement models offer limited collaboration beyond the four walls of the enterprise. Succeeding in the new normal requires procurement organizations to be fully connected with the ecosystem while being nimble to keep pace with the changes.
The convergence of procurement, cloud and business networks is ushering that wave of transformation in business commerce by enabling organizations to discover, connect and transact as seamlessly as we do in our personal lives. In this session, you will discover how enterprises across the world are tapping the collective power of business networks and the cloud to   buy smarter, sell faster and manage cash better. 

Sundar Kamak | Vice President, Products & Innovation, SAP Ariba


CONCURRENT SESSION C: Vendor Rationalization Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available
As the Regulated Utility Market continues to experience competitive pressures the focus on improved supply chain capabilities with increased service and reduced costs will continue to expand.  Join Greg Newara, Director, Supplier and Community Relations, NextEra Energy and Joe Lowey, Director of Sales, General Cable in an interactive discussion regarding this Utility and Supplier collaboration. 

Moderator: Paulette Tate | Principal, CEO |Cantilever
Gregory Newara | Director of Supplier & Community Relations |NextEra Energy
Joe Lowey | Director of Sales | General Cable


CONCURRENT SESSION D:Exelon Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Strategy:  Leveraging Data and Information to Transform the Customer Experience
The advancement of technology solutions and products around data analytics combined with the deployment of smart meters provides the Exelon Utilities with the ability to develop a business intelligence (BI) and data analytics (DA) strategy that can yield improvements in operational excellence and insights into the evolving utility model.  This session will provide an overview of Exelon’s BI/DA strategy and supplier selection process as it moves to further leverage available data to better serve customers, improve operating performance and improve customer satisfaction.

Erin Langston | Senior Manager |Analytics, Innovation and Digital Grid Services Sourcing | Exelon Supply


CONCURRENT SESSION E: Contract/Best Practices
“I know what the contract states, but that is not what we meant.”  How many times do we write contracts and the true intent is not captured, or the parties walk away with contract gaps or two very different understandings?  This breakout session will focus on some Contracting Best Practices and the “Repeat Offenders” list of clauses that result in real-time disputes and retrospective audit findings.  The session will be valuable information for first time contract writers and seasoned CPOs alike.

Eric Peterson | Principal Contract Agent | Southern Nuclear
Brandon Zimmerman | Senior Contracts Agent | Southern Nuclear
Markley Ward | Director of Contract Services | AMS-PAR


CONCURRENT SESSION F: A Fresh Look at Procurement Channels: Duke Energy's Experiences
Key considerations in development of a channel strategy for procurement within the Duke Energy Transmission and Distribution Supply Chain:

  • Why look at channels now?  Drivers of change.
  • Perceived Benefits
  • Approach
  • Challenges
  • Results (So Far)

Jay Shawver | Director of Strategic Sourcing, T&D Supply Chain | Duke Energy
Leighton Purcell, CPSM | Channel Strategy Implementation Lead | Duke Energy T&D Supply Chain


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Laura Green | Chair of UPMG & Vice President | Tennessee Valley Authority


GENERAL SESSION 6: Power Industry Outlook
The North American Power Industry continues moving into unprecedented territory. Changing natural gas prices, pending environmental legislation, aging infrastructure, and an increasing number of plant retirements are pulling the industry in several new directions. This session discusses industry trends and how they will affect power industry spending and resource demands over the next 12 to 24 months. We will explore spending within industry segments for gas, coal, nuclear, and renewable generation, along with transmission and distribution projects.

Britt Burt | Vice President Research – Power Industry | Industrial Info Resources


CONCURRENT SESSION G: IBM Watson IoT Analytics Point of View: Insights Foundation for Energy
Utility asset operations have traditionally functioned in silos, individually optimizing operations, maintenance, planning and purchasing functions with little visibility how one area affects another.  While business-as-usual has worked for utilities in the past, challenges to the utility business are emerging as a result of carbon reduction mandates combined with the drastically falling costs for installed renewable generation, leading to increased investment in generation outside of the regulated utilities and uncertainties within.  The coming business disruption demands a more nimble utility, capable of reacting to market changes including reduced revenues, increased customer service expectations, and reliability and safety expectations on par or better than today.  What if you could identify trends in data flowing in through the Internet of Things from field operations to control room to the back office, to predict what adjustments you can make to improve performance across the enterprise? IBM's Watson IoT Energy & Utilities team will explore approaches and case studies related to these technological shifts which present challenges, and opportunities, in the areas of asset management, enterprise analytics, governance & compliance, operations, network planning, and customer service.

Mike Kurland | Executive Architect | IBM Watson IoT Analytics Center of Excellence


CONCURRENT SESSION H: Power Generation Craft Labor Demand Outlook
This session will explore the demand outlook for skilled craft labor supporting the U.S. Power generation fleet, including the cyclic demands of spring and fall outage seasons and the unique solutions utilities, contractors and labor are utilizing to meet peak requirements. Skills training and attracting and recruiting of the next generation of workers will also be discussed.

Greg Sizemore | VP of HS&E and Workforce Development | Associated Builders and Contractors
Kevin Gammill | General Manager, Alabama Power Projects and Construction | Southern Company
Jerry Payton | Sr. Program Manager, Industrial Relations | Tennessee Valley Authority


CONCURRENT SESSION I: Sustainability in Action
By any measure, 2015 was another exceptionally successful year for the Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance.  Suppliers are now asking how to improve on sustainability rather than inquiring if it something they really need to do.  This is a clear indication that the initiatives of the Alliance and its members are successfully moving the industry forward with regard to sustainability.
Plan to attend and learn from Alliance members about the following:

  • Results of sustainability initiatives for specific utilities
  • The Bias for Action and the 2016 initiatives for the Alliance
  • Engagement of senior supply chain leadership
  • Expanded supplier engagement through practice sharing and the Annual Sourcing Conference

Panel Moderator: Sheri Wiltshire Straw | Chair, Electric Utility Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance
Bill Gallagher | Director of Strategic Sourcing for Utility Materials | Exelon
Marty Gault | Program Manager, Supplier Diversity & Sustainable Acquisition |Bonneville Power Authority
Tony Tomczak | Executive Director and Chief Procurement Officer, Corporate Services | DTE Energy


CONCURRENT SESSION J: How to be a Human Lie Detector
We are told hundreds of lies each and every day -- from advertisements, our colleagues and, of course, from our friends and family. Is there a way to know when people are lying to you?  Is there a scientific way to spot hidden emotions in those around you? New research shows that yes, we can detect lies from facial expressions, body language and voice tone. In this lively presentation, Vanessa Van Edwards shares the latest research and actionable tips on lie detection so attendees can make better decisions, have more effective communication and more trustworthy relationships. She will use case studies, videos and practical tips that can be applied immediately.

Vanessa Van Edwards | Lead Investigator | Science of People


GENERAL SESSION 7: The Science of Leadership
Are leaders born or made? In this talk Vanessa explores the latest neuroscience, behavioral economics and psychology research of leadership. Most importantly, Vanessa helps attendees turn the science into practical tips. Whether you are giving an elevator pitch, networking, speaking or interacting with colleagues the power of leadership can help you get your message across. Specifically, Vanessa will cover:

  • How to Speak so People Will Listen
  • The Psychology of Influence
  • 5 Ways to Think Like a Leader

Vanessa Van Edwards | Lead Investigator | Science of People


GENERAL SESSION 8: Supplier Diversity
Reginald Williams of Procurement Resources will serve as Workshop Facilitator.
He will lead the discussion and define key observations and conclusions.  His
presentation will underscore a range of strategic topics:

  • The business case for supplier diversity
  • Examples of diverse supplier success stories in utility settings
  • Successful Strategies for diverse suppliers
  • How innovation separates successful suppliers from others
  • Utility-specific best practices offering replicative value to UPMG members
  • How to generate Stakeholders in support of the mission
  • How to generate success stories at your utility

Reginald Williams | Chief Consultant, Supplier Diversity | Procurement Resources


GENERAL SESSION 9: Panel Discussion – Operations View of Supply Chain Note: Panel discussion - No presentation available

Bridget Reidy | EVP, Corporate Operations | Exelon
David Amico | Director – Supply Chain | PPL Electric Utilities
Tony Tomczak | Executive Director, Corporate Services and Chief Procurement Officer | DTE Energy
Mindy Holden | CPO and VP Real Estate and AP | Direct Energy


University of Tennessee, Knoxville -  Supply Chain Student Case Study Presentation


Pete Nelson | The Treehouse Guy


GENERAL SESSION 10: Benchmarking Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available
The UPMG Supply Chain Benchmarking Study is the only comprehensive supply chain benchmarking study that is conducted by and for the utility industry. Now in its 14th year, the study features many of the companies attending this year’s conference. During this presentation, you will learn how the study is conducted and what type of information is generated and documented. You will also get a feel for some of the trends that have been identified from the data gathered each year. There is little doubt that every utility attending this conference could benefit from participating in the annual UPMG Supply Chain Benchmarking Study.

Jack Cusack | Vice President | Applied Energy Group, Inc.

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