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UPMG Connect 2015

September 20-22, 2015
Denver, CO


Monday, September 21, 2015

Opening Remarks and Welcome
Steve Williams, Chair, UPMG
Michael Hancock, Mayor of Denver, Co
David L. Eves, President, Public Service of Colorado, an Xcel Energy Company

The Future of Utilites
Presented by Peter Sheahan, Founder and CEO, ChangeLabs

Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management
SCADA and Smart Grid Cyber Risk Management is not limited to the CIO, ERM or CISO. Supply management’s active participation is required to ensure effective cyber risk management. This session will address the cyber risk facing the energy and utilities industry and the supply chain roles and responsibilities needed to support the enterprise and supply chain cyber risk management efforts.

Presented by Timothy Hall, President, AZORCA Cyber Security, LLC

Analyzing Clean Energy Supply Chains
This session will discuss the analysis of the manufacturing supply chain for technologies that enable the generation and efficient use of clean energy.

Presented by Margaret Mann, Technical Director at Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center (CEMAC) & Group Manager at National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The Mysteries Around Supplier Relationship Management - A Two Sided Tale
This session focuses on the importance of creating a collaborative relationship between procurement and key suppliers. As many organizations continue to challenge their procurement organization with defending their value, additional techniques are necessary to ensure their seat at the table. We will share:

  • What is supplier relationship management;
  • What suppliers to focus these efforts on; and
  • Benefits to both parties when establishing a win-win relationship.

In addition, the presenters will share perspectives from the procuring organization and a key supplier for the utilities industry.

Moderated by Joe Lowey, Director of Salesm, General Cable and Paula Pell, Category Manager, Supply Chain, Tennessee Valley Authority
Jeffrey Corbett, Senior Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer, Duke Energy
Scott Dowell, Director of Operations, WESCO Utility
Jeff Franklin, Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Southern Company
Walt Sanders, President, Day & Zimmermann NPS
Robert Kunze, Director, Sourcing & Purchasing, Xcel Energy
Russ Steward, Contract Services, AMS-PAR

The Art of Small Talk
Audiences will laugh, learn and leave with insightful, informative tools for building business relationships and expanding networks.

Presented by Debra Fine, Best Selling Author of "The Fine Art of Small Talk"

Supplier Diversity
This session will provide a general overview of supplier diversity initiatives and best practices used at Xcel Energy and the utility industry as a whole. The presentation will also cover workforce diversity best practices used at Xcel Energy as well as community outreach efforts.

Presented by Murugan Palani, Director of Diversity, Xcel Energy

Metrics – What Supply Chain Metrics Matter Most to COO, CFO & CEO?
This session will highlight feedback from the C-Suite on what they expect from today’s supply chain, including, how they view success. It will also offer insights on how best to apply the metrics to continuously improve supply chain performance and value to the business.

Presented by Ben Moglen, Director, Supply Chain Strategy and Operations, Pacific Gas & Electric and
Ken Landrith, Principal Manager Purchasing, Southern California Edison

Recruiting, Managing and Retaining the Generations in the Workplace
Baby-boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials all have their stereotypes, but what’s the real truth behind our perceptions? If your talent workforce is a key to success, then you’ll want to explore what the best are doing to leverage the generational strengths and weaknesses to inspire great performance, recruit and retain talent. This interactive session will address both business strategy and pragmatic practices that can enhance your own professional development.

Moderated by Presented by Eileen McCulloch, Co-Founder Network for Value Chain Excellence at W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University
Joel Greenberg, Director Global Accounts, APL Logistics
Anita Torrano, Director of Logistics, Mondelez International
Kathy Hinton, VP Supply Chain, Tesoro

How a Large US Utility Leverages Technology to Add Millions to the Bottom Line, While Empowering Their Suppliers to Succeed
Utility organizations are finding the old adage that “nothing is constant except for change” to be especially true for them here in the 21st century. A shifting business landscape, along with a myriad of other factors — including new renewable technologies, regulatory uncertainty, environmental mandates, and internal KPI pressures — are putting stress on traditional utility business models and revenue-generating activities.

Many of the nation’s largest utility companies have found a way to increase margins and help their suppliers boost cash flow at the same time by using an innovative supplier portal and supplier financing solution. Join this session where you’ll:

Presented by Chris Cauley, Head of Solution Consulting, Taulia

Contracts Best Practices
“The person who wrote that contract isn’t with the company anymore. I am not sure what the intent was.” “That is not how we believe the contract should be implemented.” Have you said these phrases this week? This month? This session will take a retrospective look at contracts, including the most commonly disputed issues. We will explore different types of contracts and where the biggest stumbling blocks are. We will then discuss remedies to these issues so you can implement effective contracts and help your company realize the value of your negotiated savings. This session will benefit all levels of contracting professionals.

Markley Ward, Director, AMS-PAR
Chris Garvey, Sr. Contract Consultant, AMS-PAR
Russ Steward, Contract Services, AMS-PAR

ISM® Mastery Model
As supply chain practitioners progress throughout their careers, there’s the need to maintain and enhance their level of knowledge. Whether it’s adapting to changes in the profession or reaching the next step of the career ladder, the ISM Mastery Model serves as an effective tool for leveling up your knowledge to achieve those goals.
In this interactive session, you will learn about the 16 competencies, and how to access the appropriate training.

Presented by Tammy Matthews, Education Manager, Institute for Supply Management

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Opening Remarks

Technology Update
Southern Company's Enterprise Technology Manager will describe the evolving technology landscape which is impacting our business and society as a whole and driving the need for an increased focus on innovation. Joe will provide an update on the innovative and creative uses of technology Southern is pursuing and will also explore several emerging technologies that could impact us in the future.

Presented by Joe Massari, Manager, Enterprise Technology Planning, Southern Company

GEO Political Speaker
Presented by Peter Zeihan, Geopolitical Strategist and author of "The Accidental Superpower"

What’s on the horizon – A Regulatory Update
In this session, David will address a broad range of issues facing the electric utility industry today and in the foreseeable future, including distributed generation, net metering, renewables, clean air legislation, etc.

Presented by David Owens, Executive Vice President, Edison Electric Institute

Panel Discussion – Operations View of Supply Chain

Gary O’Hara, Chief Procurement Officer, Xcel Energy
Steve Mills, VP, Energy Supply Operations, Xcel Energy
John Willis, Vice President, Atmos Energy
Jeffrey Corbett, Senior Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer, Duke Energy

TED Talk – Wind Forecasting
In this session, Mr. Bartlett will share details about the award-winning Wind Forecasting System Xcel Energy has developed over the past several years, in conjunction with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), in order to more accurately anticipate upcoming wind power availability. This in turn allows more effective control of both wind and conventional power generation assets, and reduces overall costs of operation.

Presented by Drake Bartlett, Senior Trading Analyst, Xcel Energy

Colorado State University Supply Chain Case Study Report
Professor Paul Vanderspeck
Bethany Rencher
Tierney Reilly
Kacee Fiddes
Kristine Popielarczyk

Sustainable Sourcing – Beyond our Boundaries
Learn how the Electric Utility Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance is reaching out beyond our boundaries to identify successful practices from outside, and make it relevant, to our industry. Plan to attend to gain insights on resources, tools and experience that can support embedding sustainability into utility practices, supplier relationships, and purchasing processes.

Presented by Sheri Wiltshire Straw, Chair, Electric Utility Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance

Benchmarking Update
The UPMG Supply Chain Benchmarking Study is the only comprehensive supply chain benchmarking study that is conducted by and for the utility industry. Now in its 14th year, the study features many of the companies attending this year’s conference. During this presentation, you will learn how the study is conducted and what type of information is generated and documented. You will also get a feel for some of the trends that have been identified from the data gathered each year. There is little doubt that every utility attending this conference could benefit from participating in the annual UPMG Supply Chain Benchmarking Study.

Jack Cusack, Vice President, Applied Energy Group, Inc.

Finding Your Edge of Disruption
Julie works with companies who stand on the edge of disruption, between the old and the new ways of doing things, and helps them to navigate the space between a successful reimagine to how they do business, and ultimately to matter more. She will help you think about how to find your own ‘edge of disruption’ and to then take action there that elevates the impact you have on your customers, communities, and the market. In short, to matter more in your business.

Julie Williamson, PhD, Vice President, Strategy + Research, KARRIKINS Group

Closing Remarks

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