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ISM Metrics Symposium

July 30-31, 2015
Philadelphia, PA


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Welcome and Setting the Stage
Craig Reed, Senior Director, Global Strategic Sourcing, DuPont

From Planning to Execution: Embedding Enterprise Risk Management into Your Supply Chain
In today’s world of heightened risk, procurement organizations are being tasked with managing much more than contracts and supplier performance. The new frontier for the CPO is the challenge of developing programs to assess all potential risks with third parties, report them and remediate them by engaging across all business functions. This has become a top priority in the boardroom.

Presented by Anthony (Tony) Abate, Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, Cigna

The Data Mind-Set: Building Analytical Thinking Throughout Your Sourcing Organization
Sourcing organizations must ensure their success is aligned with business objectives in order to prove their value and earn a seat at the table. This session covers data gathering, analysis, and the definition of metrics, and reporting and feedback processes to prove the value of the function and drive meaningful results for the enterprise.

Presented by Camille Batiste, Vice President, Sourcing Operations and Compliance, Honeywell Aerospace,

Use Metrics to Create a Compelling Narrative About Supply Management
How do your internal business partners and your company’s C-suite view your supply management group? As a tactical function? Or, do they see you as a respected profession that creates value and drives solutions? Too many supply management leaders are perceived as being concerned only with cost savings, when they have a powerful story to tell about how they deliver value to the organization. With the use of unbiased metrics, you can create a new narrative that illustrates supply management’s critical role in the organization. Don’t assume others know! Use credible benchmarks to create a compelling narrative about the strategic importance of supply management.

Presented by Deborah K. Stanton, Executive Managing Director, CAPS Research and former Chief Procurement Officer, at MasterCard, and Geoff Zwemke, Director of Benchmarking, CAPS Research

Roundtable Discussion Groups: Supplier Innovation, Top-Line Revenue, Strategic Contribution
Get ahead of the game by hearing from other supply chain executives. Select a topic that grabs your interest and interact with these leaders. You are sure to gain many innovative ideas to implement when you return to the office.

Presented by Jason Busch, Managing Director, Azul Partners

Friday, July 31, 2015

Opening Remarks

Assembling Your Intelligence Team
In this day and age, having an intelligence team that can assemble, analyze and interpret the millions bits of data coming through daily is critical. In Supply Chain, it is more important than ever being able to utilize data in a way that provides a competitive advantage for your team. As we create solutions we need to have a collaborative approach with internal clients and make smart decisions together. We will show you in this session how this type of team can help you accelerate learning, improve decision-making and provide some examples of how this team helps us win!

Presented by Grace Zacharek, Global Market Intelligence Team Leader, DuPont

How Do You Assign a Meaningful $ Value to Third Party Risk?
According to the Federal Reserve Board and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency: "If not managed effectively, the use of service providers may expose financial institutions to risks that can result in regulatory action, financial loss, litigation, and loss of reputation." How do corporations assess Third Party risk and assign a value that aligns to reserving protocol when there is little accumulated data from which to create actuarial tables and statistical probability of all supply chain disruptions?

Presented by Kimberly R. Proffitt, Associate Vice President, Supplier Relationship Management, Diversity, Risk and Analytics, Nationwide
Michael S. Conover Associate Vice President, Enterprise Risk and Capital Management, Nationwide

Closing Remarks

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