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Presentation Materials for the ISM2014 International Supply Management Conference

ISM2014 International Supply Management Conference
May 5-7, 2014
Las Vegas, NV

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SUNDAY, May 4, 2014

ZA — Navigating and Networking ISM2014 (1,267KB)
Sharon L. Hauht, CPSM, C.P.M.

MONDAY, May 5, 2014

NEG — Loose Lips Sink Companies and Your Negotiations! How to Stop Back Door Selling (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Robert M. Benedict

FIN1 — Assessing Financial Health: The Key Concepts and Measures (3,729 KB) & (2,078KB)
Joe Knight, MBA

AA — Perfect Strangers: The Unseen Benefits of Developing Diverse Mentoring Relationships (1,136KB)
Rad Dockery
Dr. Helen Eckmann
Eric Williams III, MBA, C.P.M.

AB — The Wild, Wild East ... China, Consumer Electronics, and the Innovator's Dilemma (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Michael Jacobson

AC — Fires, Floods and Fraud, Oh My! — Reducing Risk in your Global Supply Chain (489 KB)
Rick Pay

AD — The Personal Development Plan: A Foundation for Career Growth (814KB)
Part 2 (251KB)
Jami Bliss, CPSM, C.P.M.
Jill Bossi, C.P.M.

AE — Help for Starving Professionals (1,193KB)
Charlie Colon, MBA

AF — Boardroom Financials: Translating the Supply Chain Results Upstream (1,797KB)
Craig Reed, CPSM
James Ezell

AG — Supplier Diversity: What's In It for Me and My Company? (1,321KB)
Brenda Smith, CPSM, CPSD
Rainey Alben

AH — Shifts in Population and the Impact on Global Supply Chains (Not Available)
Erik R. Peterson

AI — Predictive Risk Modeling (2,914KB)
Robert Smola

AJ — Using Social Media in indirect Spend (2,676KB)
Curtis McEntire
Joe Walsh

AK — Successfully Negotiating using Travel Program KPI's (Not Available)
Bruce Finch
Bradley Seitz

AL — X-Ray Your Suppliers (Use 5 Simple Tools to Measure Their Financial Health) (9,539KB)
Daniel Feiman, MBA, CMC

BA — The Search for Excellence in Procurement Stakeholder Relationship Management (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Bernd Huber, Ph.D.
David Natoff

BB — From Wikis to Whitepapers: Brand Yourself by Leveraging Social Media and Other Resources (1,524)
Kimberly Cullen
Dr. Helen Eckmann
Sheena Moore, MA

BC — Just the facts? Supply Chain Evaluation for Growth Through Acquisition (2,488KB)
Daron Riebe

BD — Performance-Based Statements of Work (SOWs): Maximize Supplier Performance (1,102KB)
Merle Roberts, CPSM, C.P.M., A.P.P.

BE — Making Talent Management Initiatives Stick (2,175KB)
Michael Forbes, CPSM, MCIPS
Elizabeth Green, CPSM, PMI-RMP
Ron Pence, CPSM, C.P.M.

BF — The Elusive Creature Known as the "High Performing Organization" (3,392KB)
Jeff Scott

BG — Secrets of the C Suite: What They Didn't Tell Me (No Presentation Used)
R. David Nelson, C.P.M., A.P.P.

BH — Global Logistics Sourcing — Simplified (1,380KB)
Mark Chadwick

BI — The Impact of Regulatory Issues on the Future of Supply Management (No Presentation Used)
Jennifer Diggins
Collis Jones, Jr.

BJ — Spend Analysis Meets Big Data: A Checklist for New Procurement Analytics (1,661KB)
Jason Busch

FIN2 — Finance from the CPO Perspective (3,729KB) & (586KB)
Joseph Knight, MBA

LEAD — Leadership: Challenge, Inspire, Empower (No Presentation Used)
Debra Benton

CA — Choosing your Winning Hand: Identifying the best Levers to Drive Total Value of Ownership through your Procurement Initiatives (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Jorge Chamot
Jonathan Lively, CPSM
Meghan Truchan, CPSM

CB — All Roads Lead To...? Advancing Your Career With the Right Set of Skills (1,658KB)
Andrew Bartolini
Anthony Humphrey, CPSM
Gary Stoddard

CC — New Product Development: Emerging Value Role Supply Management (914KB)
Chris Richard

CD — How to Decide if you should reshore or offshore (1,988KB)
Harry Moser

CE — Career Development: The Focus is You (No Presentation Used)
Syreeta Adkins, CPIM
Stephanie Bedard
Tim Fiore, CPSM, C.P.M.
Tania Santiago-Mirabal
Sue Vrzak, C.P.M.

CF — Reflections from the Top — This is Success (1,201KB)
Jo Hunt, DTM, C.P.M.

CG — Current World Events: A Supply Chain Point of View (No Presentation Used)
Rick Quinn
Ron Washington

CH — Using Macroeconomic indicators to drive procurement decision-making (1,500KB)
Lisa Reisman

CI — Turning Data Into a Business Advantage: Through Optimization (11,790KB)
Jack Levis

CJ — The Secrets to 'All Talent, No Risk' Social Sourcing and Selection (1,880KB)
Debra Bergevine
Jacquelyn Richardson
Tracy White

CK — Strategic Supplier Relationship Management — Moving Beyond the Tactical (624KB)
Larry Giunipero, Ph.D., CPSM, CPSD
Christopher Silva, C.P.M., CPSM, CPIM

CL — Intel's Journey to Conflict Free Microprocessors (623KB)
Bryan Fiereck

TUESDAY, May 6, 2014

COM — Conflict Minerals (2,944KB)
Jay Celorie, MCE
Patricia Jurewicz, MBA
Rose Kelly-Falls, MSM, CPSM
Michael Littenberg, J.D.

CON1 — Contracting for Services: Professional Services, Construction and Software as a Service (3,378KB)
*If you would like to obtain the handouts used in this class, send a message to
Mark Grieco, MBA, J.D.

DA — Agents in the Matrix: Using Stakeholder Language to Source Effectively (892KB)
Rad Dockery
Christie Sturges
Douglas Truchan, CPSM

DB — Winner of Institute for Supply Management® — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply (809KB)
Sarah Coulter
Paul Walker

DC — Growing the Bottom Line through Supply Chain Management (3,980KB)
James Mulready

DD — Formulating a Global supply strategy (Not Available)
Shawn Casemore, C.P.M.

DE — Global Travel Procurement — Is it time? (1,420KB)
Barbara Holcomb, C.P.M.
Pam McTeer, C.P.M., CPC, CCTE

DF — How to Successfully Outsource a Supply Chain Function (1,612KB)
Milton Whitfield

DG — The Virtual Team: How to Engage, Optimize and Inspire from Afar (1,348KB)
Paul Sheridan
Tom Sheridan

DH — Heightened Performance and Advancement by ISM Education in a Global Company (1,478KB)
John Long

DI — The Future: Creating Professional Intelligence Now to Ensure Long-Range Success! (No Presentation Used)
Beverly Gaskin, CPSM
Elizabeth Green, CPSM, PMI-RMP
R. David Nelson, C.P.M., A.P.P.
Joseph Sandor, C.P.M., CPIM
Shelley Stewart, CPSM

DJ — Getting In Front of Demand — Ensuring a Rigorous Sourcing Event That Includes Diverse Suppliers (914KB)
Jerry Miller, CPSM, CPSD
Michael Perry, CPSM

DK — P2P Re-Imagined: No User Pain, but Real Compliance Gains — A Case Study (1,800KB)
Scott Fitzgerald
Richard Waugh

DL — Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management: "Are Cybersecurity Risks Lurking in Your Supply Chain?" (1,159KB)
Survey (48KB)
Timothy Hall

EA — Winner of Institute for Supply Management® — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply (2,124KB)
Jeff Plauny
Jeffrey Schneider

EB — The Case for Auditability in Supply Management Organizations (845KB)
Dr. Juanita Rendon, CPA
Dr. Rene Rendon, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M.

EC — Leading Practices in Managing Commodity Risks (At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Robert Hanshaw

ED — What are the Big Data, Analytics Applications? (1,304KB)
Nada Sanders, Ph.D.

EE — Building a Strategic Sourcing House (2,544KB)
Bill Mangen, MBA, CPA

EF — The Lion and the Mouse: Thriving as a Small-Business (964KB)
Craig Reed, CPSM
Christie Sturges
Gary Stoddard

EG — Supplier Management: An Enterprise Capability, A Procurement Opportunity (1,202KB)
Mark Fortney
Chris Sawchuk

EH — University Partnerships — Get More Than You Give (1,077KB)
Eugene Spiegle, Ph.D.
Honey Zimmerman, CPSM, C.P.M., MBA
Lisa Smith
Lara Nichols
Simon Croom, CPSM, Ph.D.

EI — Business Acumen: 5 Tools to Keep in Your "BA Tool Box" (988KB)
Joe Black

EJ — Sourcing Refrigerated Transport for a Time-Critical Network (1,528KB)
Steve Lohman

SEG — Supplier Segmentation (2,608KB)
William Michels, CPSM, C.P.M., MCIPS

FA — Risk Management of Your Traveling Assets (1,454KB)
Bruce McIndoe

FB — Emerging Global Supply Strategies (1,283KB)
Robert Monczka, Ph.D., CPSM

FC — Innovation Panel (807KB)
Jill Bossi, C.P.M.
Joel Greenberg
Tom Maher
Eileen McCulloch
Milton Young

FD — Workforce Development-Building Your Supply Chain's Skills for Growth (563KB)
Part 2 (609KB)
Ray Bacon, Ph.D.
Earl McDowell

FE — Measure Value of Supply Management (No Presentation Used)
Jim Barnes
Joe Black
Tom Derry
Joseph Raudabaugh

FF — World-Class Negotiations Management: Best Practices, Tools, and Future Developments (6,079KB)
Robert Rudzki

FG — Supplier Diversity from the CPO Perspective (No Presentation Used)
Eliseo Rojas
Sheila Tierney
Shelley Stewart, CPSM

FH — Resistance and Recovery — the Keys to Effective Resilience (1,670KB)
Rose Kelly-Falls, MSM, CPSM
Steven Melnyk, Ph.D.
Terry Volpel, CPSM, C.P.M., SCMP

FI — Ethics, Measurement and Supply Chain. Global Case Study: Jones Lang LaSalle and Ethisphere Institute (14,242KB)
Mark Ohringer
Timothy Erblich

FJ — Procurement 20/20: Supply Entrepreneurship in a Changing World (2,995KB)
Jeff Shulman
Milan Prilepok

FK — Procurement and Operations Alignment to Maximize Profit in the Oil & Gas Industry (680KB)
Kay Bello, MBA

FL — What You Don't Know About Your Suppliers Can Hurt You (1,168KB)
Karen M. Fedele, CPSM, C.P.M., MCIPS
David Van Valkenburgh, C.P.M., CFPIM, CSCM

WEDNESDAY, May 7, 2014

AMWK — State of the American Workplace (1,102KB)
Charlie Colon, MBA

CON2 — Contracting: Resources and Applications (2,801KB)
*If you would like to obtain the handouts used in this class, send a message to
Mark Grieco, MBA, J.D.

GA — Winner of Institute for Supply Management® — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply
Eric Jaeckle

GB — Travel 101
Ross Atkinson

GC — From Six Sigma to 10-K: How Supply Management Impacts Your Organization's Financials (407KB)
Andrew Bartolini
Alex Brown
Craig Reed, CPSM

GD — Developing talent is harder than it appears — a focus on non-traditional skills (2,034KB)
Dr. Liz Alexander
Nicholas Little, CPSM, MCIPS

GE — Sourcing and Spend Analytics — Maximizing Impact, Influence and Effectiveness (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Francisco Montecinos

GF — Intuitive Leadership: 5 Traits My Bosses Gave Me (3,336KB)
G. Sean Williams

GG — The Indirect Transformation Journey (1,727KB)
Charen Buyce, C.P.M., PMP

GH — Preventing Supply Chain from Killing the Brand (3,644KB)
Survey (48KB)
Hannah Kain

GI — Cultural Intelligence: Effective Tools for the Global Workforce (1,919KB)
Valerie Berset-Price

GJ — Purchasing IT Hardware, Software, and Services (913KB)
Michael Zazaian

HA — So You Think You Can Be a CPO (453KB)
Eric Williams, MBA, C.P.M.


HC — Reporting Social and Environmental Performance: SCM's Make it Happen (1,236KB)
Robert Kuhn

HD — How to Negotiate with Anyone* and Win (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Alan Ovson

HE — Securing the Global Supply Chain — C-TPAT and other Security Initiatives (1,186KB)
Anand Raghavendran

HF — Supply Manager's Guide to Indemnity and Risk Management (951KB)
Leslie Marell, J.D.

HG — Implementing Sourcing Excellence to Achieve Global Product Leadership (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Greg Anderson
Blaine Hurley

HH — CheckMate: A Critique of Existing Tools for Advanced Purchasing & Supply (5,125KB)
Dr. Laura Birou, FIIAPS, FCIPS
Dr. Andrew Cox

HI — Global Ocean Freight Sourcing (2,181KB)
Tim Byrd

IA — It's a done deal... integration and sustaining value for growth through acquisition (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Kamran Izadi

IB — Taking Indirect Procurement to the Next Level (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Beatriz Loizillon, CPSM, C.P.M.

IC — Sustainable Procurement from the CPO Perspective (727KB)
Mike Fath
Nancy Gillis
Nichol Luoma, PMP, MBA
Greg Modlinski, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M.
Pat Sunderlin

ID — Break the SCM bandwidth and Budget Constraints and Drive Innovation (1,067KB)
Roy Anderson
Mark Bliese

IE — Influencing Change — The Solution to Procurement's Change Challenges (1,668KB)
Barbara Ardell
Al Switzler

IF — Continuous Negotiation Preparation (820KB)
Philip Lockhart, C.P.M.

IG — Human Trafficking in Supply Chains (8,362KB)
Rachelle Jackson

IH — Bringing out the Best in your Suppliers with your Next Logistics Services Procurement Event (2,478KB)
Akash Patel
Chris Pickett

II — Forecasting Intermittent Demand: Addressing a Procurement Nemesis (980KB)
Gregory Hartunian
Thomas Willemain, Ph.D.

IJ — Sophisticated simplicity: Diageo NA's Journey to Flexibility, Agility and Efficiency in Supply (At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Paul Gallagher

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