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2014 ISM Supply Chain Diversity Summit

February 26-28, 2014
San Francisco, CA

Post-Summit Information

Roster of Attendees
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Student Resumes
Brooke Thomas   Kayode Oke
David Moore   Keith Edmonds
DeNean Parks   Nicole Hamm
Denisha Randall   Venroy Porter
Gunhee Park   Whitney Purdie
John Richardson    

Summit Moderators

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6:00 - 7:00 pm Opening Reception

7:00 - 8:00 am Continental Breakfast

8:00 - 8:30 am Opening Remarks and Introduction
Thomas W. Derry | Chief Executive Officer | Institute for Supply Management

8:30 - 9:45 am G1 — Lean In — Pushing Through To Reach Your Goals
Have you ever avoided a challenging project because you felt you weren't ready or let issues in your personal life affect your professional life? Quit holding yourself back. Lean in to your career by seeking challenges, taking risks, and pursuing your goals.

Kenneth L. Coleman | Chairman | Saama Technologies

9:45 - 10:00 am Networking Break

10:00 - 11:30 am CONCURRENT SESSIONS (Panel Sessions)

B1 — The Buck Stops Here — Executive Panel
Our esteemed panel shares what it's like to have the final say — and what its rewards and challenges are. This is your chance to find out how our panelists got where they are, what their biggest changes are and what they see for the future.

Shelley Stewart | Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer | DuPont
Cathy Martin | CPO | Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Keith Hines | Director Procurement | PricewaterhouseCoopers
Joseph Black | Vice President Procurement & Chief Procurement Officer | Aetna

H1 — Sitting at the Table — Executive Panel
There is a small percentage of Latinos who hold senior-level positions. Find out how our distinguished panel got their seat at the table. Hear their success stories and challenges while they provide ideas on how to make a plan to get your own seat.

Fred Lona | Senior Director Supply Diversity | Hilton Worldwide
Juan Guerrero | Senior VP, North American Retail | Office Depot
Mario Coracides | VP Supply Chain North America | Alenia Aermacchi

W1 — Breaking Glass Ceilings — Executive Panel
These ladies didn't hold back; they broke through barriers. Learn from these top female executives what it took to move up the ladder and how they play valued roles in in their companies' supply chain organizations.

Maria Prince | VP, Product Development and Sourcing | Academy Sports and Outdoors
Mercedes Romero | VP Global Procurement LAC | Diageo
Maria Lindenberg | CPO | Chevron
Tracy Chaplin | Senior Vice President, Procurement | XOJET, Inc.

11:30 - 12:15 pm Lunch and speaker
"My Mentor Made Me Do It: 5 Stories of Ultimate Gain"

Lara Nichols | Business and Technology Executive


B2 — The Next Wave of Talent — Student Case Competition
Student teams from historically black colleges have the opportunity to develop analytical and reasoning skills in a professional setting, much like they will face in the business world. These challenging cases are provided by A.T. Kearney. Watch the competition bring out the best in our student attendees and how it prepares them for the next step.

H2 — Leverage Your Heritage as a Competitive Advantage (3000 KB)
As a Latino, you are the new face of America. To win over Hispanic customers, whose purchasing power continues to increase, companies need you on their supply chain team. This session teaches you to capitalize on two core competencies that are part of the Hispanic culture to grow your career.

Nayeli Saucedo | Procurement Training & Development Manager | FMC Technologies

W2 — Outnumbered and Female — Use Your Strengths to Prevail (1000 KB)
In the procurement and supply chain field, you are often the only female in the room. Explore how to manage these situations so you appear strong, confident and in control. This session discusses and gives you tools to handle circumstances where you are outnumbered or even disregarded.

Lissa Owens | First Vice President, Supplier Diversity | SunTrust Bank

1:45 - 2:00 pm Networking Break


B3 — So You Think You Can Be a CPO?
Discover how personal financial planning, soft skills and principled centered leadership work together to get you to the senior leadership level. In addition, learn how to navigate head winds that can hamper your ascent up the corporate ladder.

Eric Williams | Associate Director | Howard University

H3 — Que Numero Salio? Understand How Your Past Can Shape Your Future
In this session, Adrian Gonzalez — the son of Cuban immigrants — shares stories, experiences, and lessons learned by exploring where he came from. Gonzalez makes the case of why connecting with your heritage, and your family history in particular, can provide you with important insights and inspiration for succeeding in life and business.

Adrian Gonzalez | President | Adelante SCM

W3 — Making the Strong Even Stronger (3000 KB)
Women have inherent skills that they can leverage to make themselves powerful leaders. Learn how to identify leadership competencies in women, how they compare to their male counterparts and how to develop yourself and your career.

Alison Jones | Global Director, Logistics | Delphi Automotive
Dr. Helen Eckmann | Associate Faculty | Brandman University

3:00 - 3:10 pm Networking Break

3:10 - 4:30 pm G2 — Executive Roundtable Networking

An annual favorite, this session gives you the opportunity to interact with senior supply leaders. The session is structured to give you a chance to meet and interact in groups with a selection of executives of your choosing. The session is placed at the end of the day to jumpstart ongoing discussions and networking during the evening's reception.

4:30 - 7:00 pm Reception

7:30 - 8:30 am Continental Breakfast

8:30 - 9:10 am Opening Remarks

Winners of Case Competition will be announced.

9:10 - 9:15 am Networking Break


B4 — Beyond the Suppliers — Negotiating Your Career (629 KB)
You negotiate with suppliers every day, but are you able to influence the people in your professional circle to get what you need to succeed? This session focuses on becoming a better negotiator, not just with suppliers but also when it comes to salary, terms, time off, etc.

Ron North | VP, Procurement | Ventura Foods

H4 — Prepare to Persuade: Keys to Triumphant Negotiations
Effective negotiations start in the preparation. Discover preparation techniques along with other tips. We'll analyze how Latinos typically communicate and discuss whether it enhances or hinders the negotiation process. Learn how to negotiate all aspects of your career.

Alex Parilli | Sourcing & Contracts Manager | BP

W4 — Professional Negotiations: Gain the Confidence to Convince
Discuss successful negotiation strategies to help you get what you want and need in your professional life. Attend this session to gain confidence in negotiating salary, terms, large supplier contracts and maternity leave. A special role-playing activity allows you to hone your new skills.

Javette Hines | VP Supplier Diversity | Citi
Angela Naegele | VP Global Procurement | Reed Elsevier

10:30 - 10:45 am Networking Break

10:45 am - 12:00 pm G3 — Link Out — Connections Lead to Your Career Growth

Oftentimes, attending conferences and networking feels like a chore and the last thing you want to make time for. However, the lack of strategic networking can hinder your career growth, especially if you are in a career transition. The author of LINK OUT: How to Turn Your Network into a Chain of Lasting Connections illustrates why it is important to link out and shows you how to create a collaborative, long-term networking strategy that overcomes a competitive job market.

Leslie Grossman | Leadership Strategist and Author

12:00 pm Closing Remarks

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