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14th Annual ISM Indirect/Services Conference

December 5-6, 2013
Phoenix, Arizona

Making an Impact — Through Transformation, Innovation and Technology

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Thursday, December 5

  • Opening Remarks and Welcome
    Thomas Derry | Chief Executive Officer | Institute for Supply Management

  • Indirect Procurement: Driving Corporate Services Beyond Cost (G1)
    Early involvement from indirect procurement can encourage scrutiny, creativity and collaboration, typically driving down costs and delivering a substantially improved services experience for internal corporate clients. If procurement can move beyond its role as a watchdog and cost-cutter, it can initiate improved experiences for internal clients. This session discusses how such an approach can lead to results.

    Frank Harnischfeger | Director, Technology & General Services Department | IMF

  • Student Recognition
    The Services Group interacts with five targeted universities that have Supply Management (Purchasing) undergraduate degree programs. ISM Services Group focuses on 5 key areas: Scholarships, Internships, On-Site Activities, Mentoring and Student Membership.

    Marty Bell, C.P.M., A.P.P. | Sourcing Manager | American Family Insurance
    Chris Flum, C.P.M. | Director, Supplier Management | Stryker Corporation

  • Speed Networking (G2)
    Now is your chance to meet many individuals like yourself experiencing many of the same issues and challenges that you might be facing.

  • Just in Time Talent Acquisition — Market Trends and Strategies (C1)
    While it's impossible to avoid last-minute disruptions and the urgency around talent needs, savvy supply management practitioners know that you can — and should — always have a just in time "talent bench" ready to put into play. A proactive approach to talent management is essential to not only exist, but also remain competitive.

    During this session, a panel of current and former procurement professionals will explore the challenges of 'Just in Time' acquisition of FTE, contingent workers and project teams. The panel will share experiences in sourcing different worker types, building project teams that blend permanent and extended workers, and managing the contributions of these workers.

    Tracy White | Director, Business Development | DCR Workforce
    Robert Cooney | Sr. Vice President, Business Development | DCR Workforce
    Amy Carter | Sourcing Manager | Intel
    Trey Wright | Novartis Global Category Manager - HR Services | Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

  • Real-Life Contract Development: What Is Important as You Develop Your Services Contract? (C2)
    Supply managers are often tasked with the initial contract development and review prior to sending to legal for approval. When you use your company's boilerplate, your review process is easy. But when you use the supplier's contract or a custom-developed contract, it is imperative to properly document your company's interests. Your legal representative will focus on the legal aspects, but the supply management professional is responsible for the contract's business aspects.

    Sample Checklist

    Jim Haining | Senior Purchasing Analyst | Clark County, Nevada

  • Lunch Keynote — John Owens | Senior Producer | Mort Crim Communications

  • Managing T&E to Your Advantage — How and Why (C3)
    Corporate travel and entertainment (T&E) is the one of the largest controllable expenses in your organization. With this panel of experienced purchasing professionals, find out why T&E should be managed by procurement and, if you have a mature program, how to take it to the next level. This session also covers risk mitigation through the duty of care, understanding your company's data, and measuring hard and soft dollar savings.

    Moderator: Ross Atkinson | Co-Owner and Chief Content Officer | Business Travel Executive & Business Traveler

    Bruce Finch | Director of Global Travel and Workplace Sustainability | AutoDesk
    Bruce McIndoe | CEO and Founder | iJet
    Robert Reynolds | CFO | ADTRAV Travel management
    Mike Williford | Senior Director of Supply | ATS

  • Negotiating for Success and Building Relationships at the Same Time (C4)
    Whether you are aware of it or not, you negotiate all the time, with all types of people. Whether you negotiate with your staff, boss, contractors or suppliers, your ability to influence others, reduce conflict and solve problems is essential for your success and the success of your organization. This session will introduce the "seven principles of highly successful negotiators" and reinforce them with fun, interactive activities to help you get more of what you want, personally and for your organization, in almost every negotiation.

    Alan Ovson | CEO | Ovson Communications

  • How Indirect Contributes to Innovation (G3)
    Early involvement from indirect procurement, including IT, encourages the organization to use caution in selecting new suppliers and reviewing manufacturing specifications. It also brings innovation to problem-solving and cost-cutting, and equips the company with newer and more efficient technology, giving it the resources to grow and reinvent itself.

    Carlos Tellez | CEO | Storeroom Solutions

Friday, December 6

  • The Collaboration Imperative in eProcurement — More than just Procurement and IT talking (G4)
    While Procurement and IT may have historically struggled in the deployment and adoption of business initiatives, today's increasingly-networked economy is making collaboration even more critical. However, rather than increasing the strain on this relationship, we are actually finding cloud technology offers new opportunities for collaboration and alignment inside of the corporate walls, as well as with global partners and suppliers. In this session, explore some key lessons learned around leveraging a cloud strategy, increasing collaboration, and extending the business view to a more holistic level.

    John Lark | Senior Director, Marketing | Ariba
    Stephen Remetz | Manager, Supplier On-Boarding & Administration Group | Ally Financial, Inc

  • Round-Table Discussion (G5)
    Stay current with round-table discussions designed to help you get ahead. Pick a topic that grabs your interest and interact with leaders in the services industry. Each table is moderated by an industry specialist or ISM staff member so that you get the most out of these timely discussions.

  • Indirect Procurement Transformation (G6)
    Companies need to start shifting their indirect procurement process from tactical and reactive to a strategic and proactive. This session reveals the steps you need to take to ensure all of your indirect spend is under procurement's control and that procurement is effectively transforming indirect spend into a value-creating process.

    Jim Akers | Vice President & Global Head, Indirect Procurement | Teva