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ISM's 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference - ThumbTalk Polls Results

ThumbTalk Interactive Poll Results

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Poll #4: What is the most likely threat your business will face in the next 12 months?

Looking at the international scene as well as the US economy, 145 ISM attendees view higher individual or corporate taxes and a European economic collapse as the greatest threats to their business within the next 12 months, with 40% citing taxes and 30% citing a European collapse. Less likely threats are weakness in the Chinese economy (12%), higher US interest rates (10%) and a Middle East war and its effect on fuel prices (9%).

ThumbTalk Poll #4 Results - Business Threat

Thumbtalk Interactive is an audience participation tool we're using to survey our members on the hot topics of the day. Stay tuned for more. We're giving thumbs a workout!

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