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ISM's 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference - ThumbTalk Polls Results

ThumbTalk Interactive Poll Results

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Poll #3: Describe how your organization uses "Sense and Respond."

Today more than 400 ISM members participated in a poll which asked if their organizations have a strong sense of the ever-changing supply chain marketplace (good "sense") and if they also have the agility to respond rapidly to marketplace changes (good or slow "response"). Only 8.5% said their company has good sense and is quick to respond. About 48% said their company has good sense but is slow to respond. Slightly more than 23% said their company is lagging good sense, but the ability to respond is good. Almost 20% were unsure of their organization's response.

Image of the ThumbTalk Sense and Respond Poll Results

Thumbtalk Interactive is an audience participation tool we're using to survey our members on the hot topics of the day. Stay tuned for more. We're giving thumbs a workout!

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