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ISM's 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference - ThumbTalk Polls Results

ThumbTalk Interactive Poll Results

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Poll #2: How has your supply management organization responded to cyber-attacks over the last 12 months?

In the wake of major reported cyber-attacks on government and corporate entities globally, today ISM conducted an instant survey of its supply chain membership. The results confirm the growing threat cyber-attacks pose to institutions globally. Of the 231 who participated in this poll, 17% have had to respond to direct cyber-attacks over the past 12 months. Another 23% have had to take "strong and visible precautions" to keep from suffering a cyber-attack breach, while 30% took less significant "behind the scenes" precautions. Another 30% were unsure of their organizations' response.

Image of the ThumbTalk Cyber-Attack Poll Results

Thumbtalk Interactive is an audience participation tool we're using to survey our members on the hot topics of the day. Stay tuned for more. We're giving thumbs a workout!

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