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ISM's 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference - Workshop Reviews

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Wednesday Workshop Session IE

What are the Risks and Opportunities of Cloud Sourcing?

In one of today's sessions, Byron Tatsumi, MBA, Director, KPMG, talked about maximizing the value and minimizing the risk of cloud sourcing.

Tatsumi discussed the value cloud sourcing brings to an organization, including reduced cost of ownership; improved overall performance and capability; and reduced duplication of both internal and external costs and solutions.

There are certain risks which need to be monitored and managed, such as cloud service availability, security and performance issues, among others. Tatsumi and the session attendees talked about the approaches and tools to maximize the value while minimizing the risk of cloud sourcing.

Wednesday Workshop Session HJ

Why Resilience is Critical for Supply Chains in the Middle East and North Africa.

AbdelGhani Sinan, Managing Director, ADR International, Middle East, described the seven strategies that can help companies make their supply chains more efficient and effective.

Businesses and governments in the Middle East and North Africa are growing increasingly more concerned about risks in the supply chain. Sinan noted that, while there is no way to predict and prepare for every possible risk, there are measures a company can take to build resilience into its supply chain once it identifies its critical vulnerabilities.

Sinan outlined seven strategies to help companies make their supply chains more resilient, thus able to avoid some risks and bounce back quickly after a problem occurs.

Monday Keynote

Stanford Professor Hau Lee on the Secrets to an Agile Supply Chain

As supply chains become more complex, fast response involves coordinating with multiple partners. The key is that organizations have to sense smartly and respond with speed.

According to Professor Hau, it's the agile companies that will become world class leaders in supply chain management. Key to their success is the ability to learn what customers truly need, use analytics to see behind raw data, and get their customers and suppliers involved in product development. These companies also respond quickly and smartly.

He cited two examples. The first was Nike, which invented a new collar for golf shirts, got it to market and set the collar industry standard, all within one year. The second was Xbox, which launched a product in 14 months versus its competitor's 20-month window, and gained nearly 4% market share in four months.

See ThumbTalk Interactive to learn how ISM members use "Sense and Respond."

Sunday Keynote

Condoleezza Rice on the International Scene

Former secretary of state Rice shared her thoughts about our increasingly chaotic world.

Condoleezza Rice opened the conference Sunday afternoon and talked about the three shocks to the international scene over the past 12 years: September 11, 2001; the 2008 economic crisis; and democratization in the Middle East. Commenting on the current situation in North Korea, Rice said the United States needs to reassure its allies, bolster missile defense and play the role of adult.

When asked what role she sees for supply chain professionals in an increasingly chaotic world, she cited using the expertise of systems management and technology to solve the problem of getting resources such as food to those who need it.

Rice readily admits that her life is much different since she's not in public office. Now when she reads the newspaper in the morning she thinks "isn't that interesting" and then gets on with what she wants to do that day.

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