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Presentation Materials for the 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference

April 28-May 1, 2013
Grapevine, TX (Dallas)

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Presentation materials are sorted by date and session.

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SUNDAY, April 28, 2013

ZA — Navigating and Networking at the Conference (2,000 KB)
Sharon L. Hauht, CPSM, C.P.M.

ZB — Find Your Solution: Get an ISM Certification
Jerri Lynne Kapelka, CPSM, CPSD

AA — Maximizing Networking Opportunity (166 KB)
Shelley Stewart, Jr., CPSM; Al Day, MBA

AB — Supplier Relationship Management (1,000 KB)
Mandy Clairfield, CPSM; Claire Auroi

AC — Effective Scheduling at Welch Foods (2,000 KB)
Tom Arnold, CPIM, CIRM, MBA, M.Engr.

AD — Fair and Equitable: Managing a Global Supply Chain During Restructuring (1,000 KB)
Cathy Schillinger

AE — Innovation: Hidden Frontier — New Opportunities for Purchasing (761 KB)
Steven A. Melnyk, Ph.D.; Cheryl L. Phillips

AF — How to Properly Contract for Services (291 KB)
Mark Grieco

AG — Integrating Business Continuity Planning and Incident Management
Nghi Luu (Not Available)

AH — Lean Transformation of a Hospital Supply Chain (2,000 KB)
Jon Stegner

AI — SRM: Game Theory, Metrics and Exemplars (1,000 KB)
Joseph Sandor, C.P.M., CPIM

AJ — Using Technology and Social Media (22,000 KB)
Lara Nichols

MONDAY, April 29, 2013

SVC — Contracting for Services: Professional Services, Construction and Software as a Service
Mark Grieco (Not Available)

NEG — The Five Essentials for Successful Negotiation Preparation
William D. Agee, Jr., C.P.M. (Not Available)

BA — Understand Uncertainty Before Building Strategy
David Hammerle

BB — Impacting Company Drivers (7,000 KB)
Angel Mendez

BC — Strengthening Organization Performance Through Restructuring (3,000 KB)
Susan M. Brownell, CPCM; Trent Ensley

BE — Workplace Humor: Learn to Laugh and Make Your Workplace Fun (420 KB)
Robert A Kemp, Ph.D., CPSM, C.P.M.

BF — Holistic Supply Management Transformation
Mark Shaughnessy; Gregg Waterman (Not Available)

BG — Critical Decisions (1,000 KB)
Marc Mancher; Michael Stoler

BH — Fundamentals of Product and Social Compliance (2,000 KB)
James B. Ullum, MBA, C.P.M.

BI — Offshore or Reshore? How to Objectively Decide (2,000 KB)
Harry C. Moser

CA — How We Did It: Gaining Professionalism, Developing Leadership Skills, Building Teams and Leading Business Success
Robert A Kemp, Ph.D., CPSM, C.P.M..; Shelley Stewart Jr., CPSM; R. David Nelson, C.P.M., A.P.P.; Lisa Martin, C.P.M.; Brad Holcomb, CPSM; Angel L. Mendez

CB — Supplier Diversity From the CPO Perspective
William Kornegay; Al Williams

CC — Collaborating to Improve Commodity Price Management (899 KB)
Andrew J. Palascak, MBA; Richard Mansilla

CD — Procurement and Supply: Key Success Differentiator or Victim of its Own Success? (2,000 KB)
David Noble; Paula Gildert

CE — A Few Good Mentors
Tania Santiago-Mirabal; Ron Schnur, CPSM; Bill Dempsey; Derek Everett, CPSM; Nicole Zhang, CPSM

CF — Building Collaborative Relationships as You Assess the Risk of Private Companies
Rose M. Kelly-Falls, CPSM, MSM

CG — What is Best-in-Class in Contractor Management?
Dag Yemenu, MBA; Jeff Flickinger (Not Available)

CH — Taking Purchasing Processes Global
Raymond F. Wise, C.P.M.

CI — Building an Effective Point of View for Managing Commodity Volatility
Vijay Kasi, Ph.D., CPSM; Norbert Ore, CPSM, C.P.M.

CJ — OnShoring, InSourcing, Nearshoring, RightSourcing, Rescoring? The Changing Landscape of Manufacturing in the U.S.
Daniel Feiman, MBA, CMC®

CON — Contracting: Resources and Applications
Mark Grieco (Not Available)

MKT — Supply Market Analysis for Supply Manager
William D. Agee, Jr., C.P.M. (Not Available)

DA — Achieving Competitive Advantage Through the Use of Diversity Suppliers During Rapid Technology Change (3,000 KB)
Keith Connolly; Marylou Starner

DB — The Essential Elements of a Successful Ethics and Compliance Program (763 KB)
Andrea Falcione, J.D., CCEP; Joe Lloyd

DC — Clause and Effect: Strategic Economic Price Adjustments (2,000 KB)
Robi Bendorf, CPSM, C.P.M.

DD — Driving Transformation in Healthcare Sourcing (765 KB)
Frank A. Sanders

DE — Best Practices for the Procurement, Evaluation and Optimization of Agency Services (2,000 KB)
Hal Stinchfield

DF — Secrets of Highly Effective Relationships (2,000 KB)
Murillo C. Xavier, MBA, CPIM

DG — Implementing Talent Management Metrics for Maximum Effect (6,000 KB)
Lee Webster, J.D., MBA, SPHR

DH — Lean Negotiating Process and Tools (1,000 KB)
Phillip R. Lockhart, MBA, C.P.M.

DI — Procurement Fraud: The Inside Story for Supply Management Professionals (720 KB)
Rene G. Rendon, Ph.D., CPSM, C.P.M., CPCM, PMP; Juanita M. Rendon, DBA, CPA

DJ — Power of Observation: What Purchasers Can Learn From Darwin (2,000 KB)
Thomas L. Tanel, C.P.M., CTL, CISCM, CCA

TUESDAY, April 30, 2013

FIN1 — Assessing Financial Health: The Key Concepts and Measures
Joe Knight, MBA (Not Available)

CST — Should-Cost Model for Commodity Strategy, Supply Collaboration, Negotiation and Value Engineering
Kenneth T. Chan, MBA, CEng (Not Available)

EA — The Duh! Approach to Management and Supervision: Dispelling Common Leadership Myths
Gerri King, Ph.D.

EB — Gamification: Making Everyday Business Tasks More Engaging (2,000 KB)
Jonathan Emas, CPSM, C.P.M.; Sy Price

EC — CONFIDENCE: The New 4th Dimension of the Global Supply Chain
Edna Conway (Not Available)

ED — Enterprise Wide Supplier Spend Visibility and Analytics (600 KB)
Patrick MacMonagle

EE — Elements of World-Class Procurement Organizations (826 KB)
Jeff Shulman, MBA; Steffen Fuchs

EF — Things My Professor Never Taught Me (786 KB)
Jill Bossi, C.P.M.; Jamie Hoke

EG — Enhance Global Chain Team Collaboration (843 KB)
Cate Lawrence, C.P.M. CPIM, MS, MBA

EH — Negotiating: Cost vs. Price (279 KB)
Mike Inman

EI — Balancing the Benefits and Risks of Cloud Sourcing
Milton Whitfield; Brian Walker, Alan Hazleton

EJ — Success as the Internal Consultant for Your Company
James V. Kelly, C.P.M.

FIN2 — Case Studies: Analysis of Two Companies' Financials
Joe Knight, MBA (Not Available)

SOC — The Plugged-In Professional: Social Media and Business Technology
Terri L. Griffith, Ph.D. (Not Available)

FA — Drive Adoption and Get Results: Google's E-Auction Experience (6,000 KB)
Bernd Huber, Ph.D.; David Natoff

FB — Leading Best Practices in Sustainable and Socially Responsible Supply Chains (4,000 KB)
Tim Reeve

FC — Building Superior Supply/Value Chain Collaboration
Phillip L. Carter, DBA; Robert Monczka, Ph.D., C.P.M.

FD — Healthcare Industry — Supply Chain to the Rescue! (4,000 KB)
Brent T. Johnson

FE — How To Establish, Implement and Manage a High-Value Contingent Workforce Program (1,000 KB)
Jon Kesman; Chris Dede

FF — Virtual Vertical Integration (553 KB)
Thomas K. Linton

FG — Building Diverse Teams to Optimize Procurement Capability (1,000 KB)
Nicholas Little, CPSM, MCIPS; Susan Cucuzza, DFSS Green Belt

FH — It's the Preparation, Not the Negotiation (3,000 KB)
Tom De Marco; Shanon Cole

FI — Leveraging Supplier Diversity to Drive Value in a High Impact Category: A View to Capital One's Category Approach to Diverse Supplier Inclusion in the Corporate Real Estate Category (181 KB)
Regina Edwards; Michael Johnson; Jeff Wengert

FJ — Innovative Trends in Technology Contracting (1,000 KB)
Mark J. Trowbridge, CPSM, MCIPS

GA — Speak Like a CFO and Get Senior Management's Attention (6,000 KB)
Robert A. Rudzki, MBA; Greg Schuth, C.P.M.

GB — Breakthrough Distribution Technologies (4,000 KB)
Jesseca Lyons; Mike Clemens

GC — Critical Skills 101: What CPOs Want
Lara Nichols; Deborah K. Beavin, C.P.M., MBA; Eric Germa; Tim Fiore, CPSM, C.P.M., MCIPS; Quentin Roach

GD — Charting the Course for the "Career-on-Demand" Generation (1,000 KB)
Naseem Malik, CPSM; Rick Wize, C.P.M.

GE — Personality Traits of Leaders (2,000 KB)
Dr. Simon R. Croom, CPSM

GF — Innovating Value Through a Supplier Relationship Center (8,000 KB)
Clive R. Heal, CPSM, BSc, FCIPSSRC

GG — The Global Interconnected Supply Chain (5,000 KB)
Daniel Pleshko

GH — Global Recruitment Trends
John Davitt

GI — Security Practices within the International and Domestic Supply Chain
Rennie Alston

GJ — An Overview of Data From the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2,000 KB)
Stanley W. Suchman

WEDNESDAY, May 1, 2013

HA — Diverse Supplier Development: Building Capacity and Increasing Sustainability (766 KB)
Carol Attak; Joan Kerr, JD, MSW

HB — Successful Managers Do This (1,000 KB)

HC — Anatomy of a Settlement: What to Include When Documenting a Business Divorce (2,000 KB)
John T. Shapiro, J.D.; Jeffrey J. Mayer, J.D., LL.M.

HD — Ground-Breaking Outside Counsel Selection Initiative (OCSI) (2,000 KB)
Justin Ergler

HE — How Robust is Your Supply Chain?
Nader Mikhail, MBA

HF — Governance of Outsourced Relationships and SRM (Not Available)
Eric Germa

HG — Software Contracts: Tips to Create Value and Mitigate Risk
Deborah Keller, MBA

HH — Create Adaptive Sourcing Strategy Under China's New Tax Code
Jiong Yu, C.P.M., MBA, CPIM, PMP

HI — Effective Contractor Screening (3,000 KB)
Royce Burnett

HJ — Minimizing Risk — Building Supply Chain Resilience in the Middle East
AbdelGhani Sinan

BUS — Accelerate Your Career: Do You Have What It Takes? (Not Available)
William L. Michels, CPSM, C.P.M.; Cindy Urbaytis; Mary Lue Peckp>

IA — Structuring, Negotiating and Managing Performance-Based Contracts (1,000 KB)
Daniel Patino, CPSM

IB — Sourcing and Category Management 101 (1,000 KB)
Frank Shuford; Christie Sturges

IC — Outsourcing: An Insider's Perspective to Getting It Right (1,000 KB)
Wade Lyons

ID — Avoiding Risky Afterthoughts: Integrating the Management of Supply Risk and Business Continuity (1,000 KB)
Betty A. Kildow, FBCI, CBCP

IE — Improving Cloud Service Sourcing and Supplier Management (453 KB)
Byron Tatsumi, MBA

IF — The CPO's Advantage: Effective Talent Management Strategies (1,000 KB)
Deborah K. Beavin, C.P.M., MBA, Six Sigma Master Black Belt

IG — Choosing the Right Sustainability Metrics (4,000 KB)
Jennifer Woofter, MSLS, MA

IH — Volatility: Managing Price Fluctuations in Volatile Markets (526 KB)
Bryan C. Eaves, CPSM, C.P.M., CPA

II — Easy Techniques to Quickly Determine Supplier Financial Risk (385 KB)
Camilo Gomez, Ph.D.; Michael Forbes, CPSM, MCIPS; Al Carmenini, RGCP; Sue Vrzak