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23rd Annual North American Research Symposium on Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (NARS) - Agenda

March 14-15, 2013
Phoenix/Chandler, AZ


March 14, 2013

7:30am - 8:30am Check-in and registration

7:30am - 8:30am Continental Breakfast

8:30am - 8:45am Welcome & Opening Remarks
  • Stanley E. Fawcett, Ph.D., Chair, ISM Educational Resources Committee
  • Cheryl Paradowski, President and Chief Executive Officer, Purchasing Management Association of Canada
  • Phillip L. Carter, D.B.A., Executive Director, CAPS Research and Harold E. Fearon Chair of Purchasing, Arizona State University

8:45am - 9:45am General Session — Keynote address 1 — "Procurement: A View of Key Opportunities and Trends"
Deborah K. Beavin
Chief Procurement Officer, Corporate Procurement

This presentation focuses on key opportunities and trends within Humana and in companies facing a similar set of challenges

9:45am - 10:00am Break

10:00am - 11:00am A1 — Competitive Paper Session — Sustainability
  • The Impact of Outsourcing on Sustainability and the Antecedents of Firm Insourcing Behavior
    Steven Carnovale - Rutgers Business School - Newark and New Brunswick
    Lei Lei - Rutgers Business School - Newark and New Brunswick
    Sengun Yeniyurt - Rutgers Business School - Newark and New Brunswick
    Kevin Lyons - Rutgers Business School - Newark and New Brunswick
    Rosa Oppenheim - Rutgers Business School - Newark and New Brunswick

  • A Top-Tier Supplier Perspective on PSM-Marketing Integration for Sustainable Supply Chain Management — Findings from Eight European Case Studies
    Kai Foerstl - EBS University
    Thomas Leppelt - Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nurnberg
    Evi Hartmann - Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nurnberg

10:00am - 11:00am A2 — Competitive Paper Session — Operations
  • Innovation-Oriented Supplier Relationship Management: An Example from the Automotive Industry
    Michael Tracey - Western Illinois University
    Tobias A. Zwick - Western Illinois University

  • Strategic Consensus and Performance: Incorporating the Customer View
    Steven A. Melynk - Michigan State University
    John D. Hanson - University of San Diego
    Douglas M. Stewart - University of New Mexico
    Sarah Jinhui Wu - Fordham University

11:00am - 11:15am Break

11:15am - 12:15pm B1 — Competitive Paper Session — Logistics
  • Insourcing Within the U.S. Department of Defense: Critical Factors Impacting the Purchasing Function and Public/Private Partnerships
    Paul L. Hartman - Air Force Institute of Technology
    Derek P. Rubino, Captain USAF - Air Force Institute of Technology
    Jeffery A. Ogden - Air Force Institute of Technology

  • Offshoring Trends
    Wendy Tate - University of Tennessee
    Lisa Ellram - University of Miami (Ohio)
    Kenneth J. Petersen - University of Tennessee
    Tobias Schoenherr - Michigan State University

11:15am - 12:15pm B2 — Competitive Paper Session — Strategy
  • An Exploratory Case Study of Product Returns Policies at Three Canadian Retailers
    Tim McLaren - Ryerson University
    Konstantin Loutsenko - Ryerson University

12:15pm - 1:30pm Lunch

1:30pm - 2:45pm C1 — Working Paper Session — Purchasing Strategies
  • An Information Processing View on Sustainable Supplier Management
    Jan Meinlschmidt - EBS University
    Kai Foerstl - EBS University
    Christian Busse - EBS University

  • Supply Chain Risk Management and Lean Practice: Their Impact on Firm Performance
    Kihyun Park - Robert Morris University
    James Roh - Rowan University

1:30pm - 2:45pm C2 — Working Paper Session — Supplier Relationships and Performance
  • The "ALLS" Model of Buyer-Supplier Relationships
    Jeffery Adams - University of Houston-Downtown
    Faiza Khoja - University of Houston-Downtown
    Ralph Kauffman - University of Houston-Downtown

  • A Mixed Method Approach to Exploring Relational Benefits of Supplier Adaptation: The Buyer's Perspective
    Monique Murfield - Georgia Southern University
    Terry L. Esper - University of Tennessee

  • Third Party Logistics Selection Criteria and Reverse Logistics Performance
    Jon Kirchoff - East Carolina University
    Haozhe Chen - East Carolina University

2:45pm - 3:15pm Break

3:15pm - 4:15pm General Session — Best Paper Presentations
  • Intuitive Team Members in Sourcing Team Decision Making
    Lutz Kaufmann - WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management
    Gavin Meschnig - WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management
    Matthias Ehrgott - WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management
    Felix Reimann - WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

  • Using Social Media for Competitive Advantage: An Empirical Study
    Paul Hong - University of Toledo
    Yingxia Cao - University of La Verne
    Thuong T. Le - University of Toledo

5:30pm - 7:30pm Dinner and Presentation of the 2013 John H. Hoagland Award

March 15, 2013

7:30am - 8:30am Continental Breakfast

8:30am - 9:30am General Session — Keynote address 2
Supplier Diversity: A Tale of Two Cities
Paul D. Larson
CN Professor of Supply Chain Management
University of Manitoba

9:30am - 9:45am Break

9:45am - 10:45am D1 — Teaching Presentation and Working Paper
  • Integrated Experiential Learning: The Win-Win-Win
    Ken Jones - Indiana State University

  • Supply Chain Collaboration: A Study of Relationship Trust
    Misty P. Blessley - Temple University

9:45am - 10:45am D2 — Working Paper Session — Collaboration, Behavior and Trust
  • Overcoming Resisting Forces: Relational Capability — the Mediating Effect
    Amydee M. Fawcett - University of Arkansas
    Adriana Hofer - University of Arkansas
    Stanley E. Fawcett - Weber State University

  • A Study of Buyer-Supplier Relationships at the Base of the Pyramid
    Cynthia Wallin - Brigham Young University
    Kristie Seawright - Brigham Young University

10:45am - 11:15am Break

11:15am - 12:15pm E1 — Working and Practitioner Paper — Performance
  • Measuring Performance of High-Volume Outsourced Services Using the Foundation of High Performance Model
    Kathleen Jezierski - COPC, Inc.

  • Antecedents and Resource Implications of Administrative Innovation Persistence
    Yemisi A. Bolumole - Michigan State University
    Steven A. Melynk - Michigan State University

11:15am - 12:15pm E2 — Working Paper Session — Governance
  • Compensation, Certification, and Education Within Supply Chain Management
    Steven D. Welsh - Proquest & Lawrence Technological University

  • Sex and Salary — Size Matters! (A Study of Small Business Supply Management)
    Paul D. Larson - University of Manitoba
    Matthew Morris - University of Manitoba

12:15pm - 12:30pm Closing Remarks

12:30pm - 1:30pm Lunch

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