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ISM’s 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference - Wednesday Sessions

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Logo graphic for ISM's 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference
April 28 - May 1, 2013
Dallas/Ft. Worth (Grapevine), Texas


WEDNESDAY, May 1, 2013

7:45 am - 8:45 am

Session HA — Supplier Diversity Development: Building Capacity and Increasing Sustainability
This session focuses on the importance of and ways in which companies can strengthen their supplier diversity programs and supply chains by providing development opportunities for their diverse supply base.

Carol Attak
Supplier Diversity Program Manager

Joan Kerr, JD, MSW
Director, Supplier Diversity Development
Pacific Gas & Electric

Track: Essential Skills
Session HB — Successful Managers Do This
The world's most effective supply chain professionals have learned it takes a diverse and connected group of top-notch experts to deliver. Understanding the skills it takes to motivate, center and achieve break through goals using teams with differing (and maybe conflicting) goals and perspectives is a key to success. This session will provide attendees with information on how to put together a high performing team; leading teams to common goals and outputs that meet objectives for multiple business groups; and managing the daily efforts while maintaining leadership.

Procurement and Contract Administration Manager
Wells Fargo Bank

Track: Risk Management
Session HC — Anatomy of a Settlement: What to Include When Documenting a Business Divorce
When supply partners settle a dispute, they should document the resolution. Too often, what should be the endpoint for conflict becomes a starting point because the settlement is not properly documented. Attend this session and learn what to avoid. Takeaways include provisions to include in wind-down documents, legal and practical issues raised by a settlement, and strategies for different types of termination disputes.

John T. Shapiro, J.D.
Freeborn & Peters LLP

Jeffrey J. Mayer, J.D., LL.M.
Freeborn & Peters LLP

Track: Services Procurement
Session HD — Ground-Breaking Outside Counsel Selection Initiative (OCSI)
The session shares the GSK journey to address legal services procurement. Explore the approach, engagement with key stakeholders, key learning, things to avoid and best practices. In addition to regular benchmarking, this session includes the GSK Outside Counsel Selection Initiative (OCSI). Look for ground-breaking best practices for sourcing legal services; what OCSI is, what it is not and how it works, as well as the impact the program continues to have.

Justin Ergler
Sourcing Group Manager, Legal Services Procurement

Track: Supplier Strategies
Session HE — The Cloud Revolution: How the Cloud Will Transform the Supply Chain
The world is changing with major advancements in social media, mobile technology, and platforms at scale. Businesses have moved to cloud technology to solve technology constraints in sales, marketing, and human resources. However, SCM has yet to adopt the cloud in a major way. Learn how the cloud can help us solve three of the biggest problems facing supply chain managers today: real-time visibility, collaborative risk management, and end-to-end fulfillment.

Nader Mikhail, MBA
Chief Elementum

Track: Think Globally
Session HF — Governance of Outsourced Relationships and SRM
Discover how to outsource non-core activities and deploy a governance/supplier management model to support it. This session includes steps taken to improve a troubled relationship and what it took to overcome it. Hear about lessons learned in how procurement leads and facilitates supplier management across the company.

Eric Germa
Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer

Session HG — Software Contracts: Tips to Create Value and Mitigate Risk
This workshop will provide essential insight into negotiation and contracting of software licenses. During the session supply managers will gain the tools necessary to identify key drivers of software license value, an understanding of software models and "out of the box" licensing techniques as well as methods for mitigating risk.

Deborah Keller, MBA
Senior Advisor Corporate supply Chain
Devon Energy Corporation

Session HH — Create Adaptive Sourcing Strategy Under China's New Tax Code
This presentation analyzes the background of China's recent tax reform and its implication on the cost of major commodities. Learn how to match the key consideration factors in commodity sourcing practices for each tax category for the maximum benefit. A case study of SPX China is shared to highlight the framework's application result.

Jiong Yu, C.P.M., MBA, CPIM, PMP
Vice President, APAC Operations
SPX Corporation

Session HI — Effective Contractor Screening
Every day, 10.3 million contractors go to work in the United States. A single mistake or miscommunication can result in profit losses exceeding millions of dollars. The need to avoid accidents and select safe contractors has dramatically increased. PICS will identify the best ways to effectively screen contractors.

Royce Burnett
Commercial Director of Business Development
PICS, Inc.

Session HJ — Minimizing Risk — Building Supply Chain Resilience in the Middle East
It is not only a global issue. Businesses and governments in the Middle East are increasingly concerned about risk in the supply chain and the lack of resilience in their supply chains. This presentation focuses on minimizing supply chain risk by building resilient supply chains. The speaker provides an overall view of the characteristics of Middle Eastern supply chains, the key pillars of a resilient supply chain and a suggested approach of how organizations in the region are working to construct resilient supply chains.

AbdelGhani Sinan
Managing Director — Middle East
ADR International

7:45 am - 10:00 am

Mega Session
BUS — Accelerate Your Career: Do You Have What It Takes?
As supply managers, we are very focused on cost and value improvement, supplier relationship management, supply chain integration and efficiency and forecasting. While all of these skills are essential for a successful career in Supply Management, they are the very skills that can limit your ultimate progression through the organization. The missing link is the ability to display and practice our command of business issues, business strategy and solutions that drive revenue. Just having the supply management skills is not good enough. Our roles have changed as the world has flattened and the expectation of our executives has increased. Do you have what it takes to survive and thrive? This session highlights what it takes to be an effective business person with supply management skills.

William L. Michels, CPSM, C.P.M.
ADR North America and ADR-ISM China
Senior Vice President
Institute for Supply Management™

Cindy Urbaytis
Vice President, Managing Director
Institute for Supply Management™

Mary Lue Peck
Managing Director
Institute for Supply Management™

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Track: Best Practices
Session IA — Structuring, Negotiating and Managing Performance-Based Contracts
Massive growth in the natural gas industry and increased production of natural gas in North America has resulted in large demand for new infrastructure within the natural gas midstream business. New processing plants that can process natural gas to recover ethane, methane, propane and butane and distribute to market are needed, and these projects take almost 18 to 24 months to plan, execute and commission. Learn how to structure and negotiate a performance-based agreement to support both operational and compliance needs, while providing the project team the flexibility to execute with minimal disruptions.

Daniel Patino, CPSM
Supply Chain Manager
Enogex LLC

Track: Supply Management for Emerging Professionals and Their Managers
Session IB — Sourcing and Category Management 101
Understanding and implementing an end-to-end sourcing process is a must-have skill for any procurement professional. The challenge we face is taking the textbook solution and applying it to our organizations given resource constraints and the complexities of our interpersonal stakeholder relationships. This session uses real-world examples from industry and consulting to demonstrate the strategic sourcing process and category management in today's constantly changing environment. Takeaways include strategies to implement in your organization regardless of the scope of category responsibility.

Frank Shuford
Senior Executive

Christie Sturges
Manager, Global Procurement

Track: Game Changers
Session IC — Outsourcing: An Insider's Perspective to Getting It Right
The speaker's changing roles from leading the outsourcing of goods and services to leading procurement for a global leader of outsourced services brings a unique perspective to overcoming the challenges of outsourcing.

Success or failure of outsourcing initiatives lies primarily in the development and execution of the appropriate sourcing process. Given the dynamics of the global economy and the constant pressure to manage costs; knowing when, why and how to employ outsourcing partners is critical. Understanding the changing world of outsourcing, what to demand of outsourcing partner(s) and what to entrust to partner(s) can change your game and ensure success.

Wade Lyons
Vice President, Procurement

Track: Risk Management
Session ID — Avoiding Risky Afterthoughts: Integrating the Management of Supply Risk and Business Continuity
This session offers a discussion of three of the ways to strengthen an organization's supply chain risk management capability by integrating supply risk management and business continuity management programs. You will learn about proactively identifying and mitigating supply risks associated with new products and processes; adopting an auditable standard to measure risk capability, such as the new ISO Standard 22301 that includes supply chain continuity, as a critical requirement; and making supply chain continuity part of the organization's culture and day-to-day operations.

Betty A. Kildow, FBCI, CBCP
Business Continuity Consultant
Kildow Consulting

Beth Green, CPSM, PMI-RMP
Sector Manager, Global Supply Chain Planning & Integration
Northrop Grumman Corp.

Track: Services Procurement
Session IE — Improving Cloud Service Sourcing and Supplier Management
As more companies use cloud services, there are key opportunities and risks to consider when selecting and managing your cloud service provider(s). This presentation provides key approaches and tools on how to maximize the value and opportunities and minimize risks with cloud service provider sourcing and ongoing vendor management.

Byron Tatsumi, MBA

Track: Talent Management
Session IF — The CPO's Advantage: Effective Talent Management Strategies
Every CPO can gain considerable marketplace advantage by ensuring the best talent is available to meet the needs of the company. However, managing talent must cascade through all levels of management within the supply organization. This session will delve into a CPO's talent management vision and what's most important. How is talent identified? What does the CPO expect of others? How can managers demonstrate a personal commitment to developing their talent and leading talent development of others on the team? Time will be left for questions and answers.

Deorah K. Beavin, C.P.M., MBA, Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Chief Procurement Officer
Humana Inc.

Session IG — Choosing the Right Sustainability Metrics
Discover three key levels of sustainability data, and how to decide the best methods for tracking information, aggregating and analyzing it, and turning those numbers into KPIs. Explore goal-setting, effectively communicating sustainability data and solutions to common sustainability data challenges.

Jennifer Woofter, MSLS, MA
Strategic Sustainability Consulting

Session IH — Volatility: Managing Price Fluctuations in Volatile Markets
This session demonstrates how to create a competitive advantage for your company by developing processes to manage commodity prices that have volatility. The discussion includes contract options and participants have the opportunity to interact with their own direct and indirect expense commodity examples.

Bryan C. Eaves, CPSM, C.P.M., CPA
Vice President
Sourcing Business Solutions

Session II — Easy Techniques to Quickly Determine Supplier Financial Risk
Discover easy techniques to quickly evaluate and manage the financial risk of suppliers. A modeling expert and a panel of practitioners discuss their actual experiences using financial risk scores to evaluate both public and private company suppliers.

Al Carmenini, RGCP
Senior Vice President, Product Development

Camilo Gomez, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Quantitative Research

Michael Forbes, CPSM, MCIPS
Corporate Director, Supply Chain
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Sue Vrzak, C.P.M.
Corporate Manager, Manager SC Performance, Strategy & Initiatives
Northrop Grumman Corporation

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