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ISM’s 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference - Tuesday Sessions

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Logo graphic for ISM's 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference
April 28 - May 1, 2013
Dallas/Ft. Worth (Grapevine), Texas


TUESDAY, April 30, 2013

9:00 am - 11:45 am

Mega Session
FIN1 — Assessing Financial Health: The Key Concepts and Measures
You are required to intimately understand your company's suppliers, and one key element of that understanding is their financial health. Learn how to read and understand the key financial reports so you can confidently find and analyze the critical information about your suppliers. The discussion includes key line items and ratios from both the income statement and the balance sheet. Learn the best kept secret in finance — that finance is an art, not a science. Along the way, hear real-world stories that illustrate the importance of financial measures. Be prepared for a lively, engaging and, yes, fun session about finance!

Joe Knight, MBA
Business Literacy Institute and financedog

Mega Session
CST — Should-Cost Model for Commodity Strategy, Supplier Collaboration, Negotiation and Value Engineering
When suppliers outsource their production it puts buyers at a severe information disadvantage. By learning how raw material gets processed into the final product and using advanced analytics to model the should-cost, you can regain the power and use this knowledge to collaborate, negotiate, and identify new cost-reduction opportunities in product design.

Kenneth T. Chan, MBA, CEng
Chief Procurement Officer
Asplundh Tree Expert Co.

10:20 am - 11:40 am

Session EA — The Duh! Approach to Management and Supervision: Dispelling Common Leadership Myths
People are promoted because they're good at their jobs. Being a good manager and/or supervisor requires skills that are very different from those used in your job ... This interactive and information-packed session challenges common leadership myths and offers alternatives for both veterans and newly elevated leaders.

Gerri King, Ph.D.
Social Psychologist and Organizational Consultant
Human Dynamics Associates Inc.

Award Session 5
Session EB — Winner of Institute for Supply Management™ — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply Management
Session presented by one of the winners of the Institute for Supply Management™ — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply Management. Each winning team presents a session to outline and share its winning strategies. Be sure to check the Conference Program Guide — Navigator for specific session information.

Breaking News
Session EC — CONFIDENCE: The New 4th Dimension of the Global Supply Chain
In a world in which the network is the platform for communications on any device — anywhere, anytime — ensuring integrity is an essential element of global supply chains of the future. Cisco's Chief Security Strategist for its global supply chain offers a view into Cisco's approach to supply chain security. The session includes navigating through overlapping security requirements imposed by customers globally; marrying process and technology to drive enhanced visibility and security; flexible supply chain security disciplines that allow the right security in the right node at the right time; and industry and government partnering to establish global standards to enhance assurance while permitting innovation and growth.

Edna Conway
Chief Security Strategist, Global Value Chain

Track: Best Practices
Session ED — Enterprise wide Supplier Spend Visibility and Analytics
This discussion outlines business case drivers for a functional and process focused approach to support: (1) one source of supplier spend/usage truth, (2) applying spend data to use of preferred supplier usage metrics, (3) using such data to track diverse supplier spend, (4) linking such data to financial profiles of suppliers, (5) tracking payment terms and (6) supporting supplier risk management. The discussion will also show how cycle times can be drastically reduced to identify and close on supplier savings opportunities and significantly enhance the effectiveness of sourcing groups that cross business and geographic boundaries.

Roger Lobo
Global Operations Leader

Track: Leading Impactful Supply Chains
Session EE — Elements of World-Class Procurement Organizations
Learn how companies drive superior financial results through purchasing excellence. Discover the four drivers of purchasing excellence, outline the critical success factors to achieving sustainable bottom-line impact and walk through how a large company transformed its purchasing organization to create true competitive advantage.

Jeff Shulman, MBA
McKinsey & Company

Steffen Fuchs
Associate Partner
McKinsey & Company

Track: Supply Management for Emerging Professionals and Their Managers
Session EF — Things My Professor Never Taught Me
This interactive session draws distinctions between how the real-world of supply management differs from textbooks and college experiences. 2009 Richter Scholar Jamie Hoke leads the session along with executive Jill Bossi, C.P.M. Using their diverse perspectives — the new employee and the experienced manager — each professional shares her experience and education. Explore tips, hints and suggestions for the new supply professional and the manager. Takeaways include how to make the transition into your first supply management job more meaningful, more impactful and more successful.

Jill Bossi, C.P.M.
Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer
American Red Cross

Jamie Hoke
Operational Supply Management Specialist
John Deere

Track: Talent Management
Session EG — Enhance Global Chain Team Collaboration
It is vital that we work effectively in complex global sourcing environments. How can supply management professionals proactively foster engagement and alignment in global teams? This session focuses on techniques to leverage two resources, people and time, to create sustainable processes for meeting rising customer expectations and responding to uncertainty.

Cate Lawrence, C.P.M. CPIM, MS, MBA
Lawrence Research Associates

Session EH — Negotiating: Cost vs. Price
During this interactive session, participants experience several "ah-ha" moments. Learn to channel emotion to be assertive in a negotiation (versus being aggressive). Explore how to deliver long-term value to your organization and still end in a win-win deal with suppliers.

Mike Inman

Track: Supplier Strategies
Session EI — Balancing the Benefits and Risks of Cloud Sourcing

Milton Whitfield
Washington DC office of Miles & Stockbridge, PC

Alan Hazleton
General Manager - Strategic Accounts

Brian Walker
Managing Director

Session EJ — Success as the Internal Consultant for Your Company
You hire a consultant to help you think differently and lead you in new directions. Consultants are the hired guns to move your company forward. How do you get your staff to think like consultants and become a dynamic, productive group, rather than just an expense that a revenue-generator has to cover?

James V. Kelly, C.P.M.
JVKellyGroup, Inc.

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Mega Session
FIN2 — Case Studies: Analysis of Two Companies’ Financials
In this interactive session, conduct an analysis of financial statements from two public companies. In the process, learn where to find the information, how to calculate and derive the meaning of key ratios, and how to put it all together to tell each company's story. The discussion includes profitability, debt and liquidity ratios, revenue and cost trends, and cash flow. Bring your calculator — this is an opportunity for hands-on practice as you work with your peers to come up with right number.

Joe Knight, MBA
Business Literacy Institute and financedog

Mega Session
SOC — The Plugged-In Professional: Social Media and Business Technology
The social media explosion has caused a shift in work and work relationships. This mega session provides a hands-on approach to designing a system of social media, business technology, and practice for your organization — for now and for the future. Outline the current crucial characteristics of your organization, partners, and opportunities using a simple framework. Then, using evidence-based tools from The Plugged-In Manager: Get in Touch with Your People, Technology, & Organization to Thrive (2012), mix together the system and practices that best fit your organization's needs. No social media expertise required.

Terri L. Griffith, Ph.D.
Santa Clara University

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Track: Game Changers
Session FA — Drive Adoption and Get Results: Google's E-Auction Experience
Google's whole business model thrives on customers placing bids for ads. So, why not apply this model to procurement through e-sourcing? Get the inside story about Google's e-auction evolution — including barriers it had to overcome — and tips on how you can increase e-auction use in your own organization.

Bernd Huber, Ph.D.
Head Global Sourcing Center of Excellence

David Natoff
Head of Procure-to-Pay

Session FB — Leading Best Practices in Sustainable and Socially Responsible Supply Chains
Discover industry best practices and tools to successfully incorporate sustainability and social responsibility into your supply chain. Discuss stakeholder engagement, scorecards and key performance indicator tools to reveal how sustainable supply chains can be implemented, monitored and communicated.
Sponsored by the ISM Committee on Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Tim Reeve
Reeve Consulting

Track: Supplier Strategies
Session FC — Building Superior Supply/Value Chain Collaboration
This session presents the results from a major research study that explored the current and future use of collaboration with suppliers and other partners to increase value for all parties.
Sponsored by CAPS Research

Phillip L. Carter, DBA
Executive Director, CAPS Research
Harold E. Fearon Chair of Purchasing Management
Arizona State University

Robert Monczka, Ph.D., C.P.M.
Director of Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Strategy Research
CAPS Research
Research Professor of Supply Chain Management
Arizona State University

Track: Leading Impactful Supply Chains
Session FD — Healthcare Industry — Supply Chain to the Rescue!
The size, growth and importance of Healthcare makes this topic of keen interest to everyone. This presentation will be an overview of everything you would want to know about healthcare: (1) Why is healthcare so costly? (2) What's the impact of healthcare reform on us? (3) How is supply chain managed in Healthcare? (4) What are best practices of supply chain in Healthcare? You will hear this from one of the top hospital organizations in the country (Intermountain Healthcare) who also happens to have one of the top Supply Chain Organizations in the industry (ranked #4 by Gartner in 2012 Healthcare Supply Chains). You will learn how Supply Chain best practices can be applied to even the most difficult industries and organizations.

Brent T. Johnson
Vice President Supply Chain & Support Services
Intermountain Healthcare

Track: Services Procurement
Session FE — How To Establish, Implement and Manage a High-Value Contingent Workforce Program
Reed Elsevier's Jon Kesman discusses how his team secured buy-in for, implemented and is maximizing their use of the contingent workforce through a multifaceted solution utilizing Fieldglass' Vendor Management System (VMS). Fieldglass' Chris Dede also shares critical best practices that any organization can apply to its flexible workforce programs.

Jon Kesman
Global Procurement Director — Professional Services and Labour
Reed Elsevier

Jim Bronzy
Account Services Director

Track: Supplier Strategies
Session FF — Virtual Vertical Integration
This session will address multi-tier collaboration and why it is important. It will review requirement for multi-tier collaboration and share success stories.

Thomas K. Linton
Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer

Track: Talent Management
Session FG — Building Diverse Teams to Optimize Procurement Capability
Teams often perform poorly due to wrongly mixed people and capabilities. This interactive session showcases team success improvement using careful selection - diverse backgrounds, experience, and skills/capabilities. Learn how to identify the mix needed, how to populate teams and how to get many different people working for the common good.

Nicholas Little, CPSM, MCIPS
Assistant Director, Executive Development Programs
Michigan State University

Susan Cucuzza, DFSS Green Belt
Executive Coach
Live Forward LLC

Session FH — It's the Preparation, Not the Negotiation
Sales professionals are not always great negotiators, but they are masters of the set-up. Borrowing from our colleagues in sales, this workshop provides supply chain executives with a self-inspection process to advance from tactical, just-in-time procurement to a cross-functional strategic buying framework. Explore real-world techniques to increase value from your company's IT spend.

Tom De Marco
Managing Partner
ClearEdge Partners

Shanon Cole
Purchasing Buyer
Caterpillar, Inc.

Session FI — Leveraging Supplier Diversity to Drive Value in a High Impact Category: A View to Capital One's Category Approach to Diverse Supplier Inclusion in the Corporate Real Estate Category
As companies outsource production to de-capitalize, the negotiations become more complicated. When negotiating with suppliers during the production process, we are often at a disadvantage due to lack of information. By learning how raw material get processed into the final products and using advanced analytics to model the should-cost, buyers regain the information power and able to use those in supplier negotiation and collaboration, in addition to identifying product design cost reduction opportunities

Regina Edwards
Director, Procurement and Supplier Diversity
Capital One

Michael Johnson
Sourcing Manager, Global Procurement Services
Capital One

Jeff Wengert
Sourcing Manager, Global Procurement Services
Capital One

Session FJ — Innovative Trends in Technology Contracting
Contracting technology is no longer limited to license and install. Cloud and SaaS provider relationships, third-party implementers and ever more powerful providers require creative contracting methods to be properly leveraged. Takeaways include innovative contracting tools and techniques that participants can use to improve their IT contract portfolios. Sponsored by the ISM Materials Management Group.

Mark J. Trowbridge, CPSM, MCIPS
Strategic Procurement Solutions, LLC

4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Session GA — Speak Like a CFO and Get Senior Management's Attention
Elevate your professional effectiveness to world-class levels by speaking like a CFO. This workshop explains the unique objectives, the thought process, and the language of CEOs and CFOs and provides specific recommendations to improve your ability to interact — successfully — with senior executives.
Sponsored by the ISM Materials Management Group

Robert A. Rudzki, MBA
Greybeard Advisors LLC

Greg Schuth, C.P.M.
Senior Advisor
Greybeard Advisors, LLC

Track: Leading Impactful Supply Chains
Session GB — Breakthrough Distribution Technologies
Ever wonder what state materials handling equipment is in today? Highly automated robotics and cutting edge technologies are the name of the game. The latest technology platforms will be shared with you in a streaming video fashion such as Automatic Storage and Retrieval (ASRS), Picking Technologies, Robotics, and WMS/WCS Systems. Come learn about the hottest technologies available and what some of the world's largest most successful companies are using to increase productivity.

Jesseca Lyons
Engineering Systems Consultant
Bastian Solutions

Mike Clemens
Senior Consultant & Manager, Atlanta Office
Bastian Solutions

Track: Essential Skills
Session GC — Critical Skills 101: What CPOs Want
Facilitated discussion on the "ticket for admission" skills CPOs look for when they source for talent. Gain insight on what soft skills, skills of the trade, and industry experience are sought after in the job market.

Lara Nichols

Associate Vice President, Externalization and Center of Excellence

Deborah K. Beavin, C.P.M., MBA, Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Chief Procurement Officer
Humana Inc.

Eric Germa
Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer

Tim Fiore, CPSM, C.P.M., MCIPS
Senior Vice President, Supply Management and Chief Procurement Officer
ThyssenKrupp NA
Member, ISM Board of Directors

Quentin Roach
Chief Procurement Officer & Senior Vice President
Merck & Co.

Track: Supply Management for Emerging Professionals and Their Managers and Talent Management
Session GD — Charting the Course for the "Career-on-Demand" Generation
Using case studies, this insightful session sheds light on common career and growth expectations of young professionals. Avoid being labeled a "job hopper," but discover how to gain experience and rise through the ranks. This session provides tips and tricks for managers who want to give career guidance to young professionals, and young professionals will come away with input on realistic career-path models. Learn how to grow laterally and vertically in the organization, and gain insight to manage your career path and development planning. For managers, this session delivers tools for career coaching and support for young professionals.

Naseem Malik, CPSM
Managing Partner
MRA Global Sourcing

Rick Wize, C.P.M.
CPO & Corporate VP Supply Chain
B/E Aerospace, Inc.

Track: Essential Skills
Session GE — Personality Traits of Leaders
Often we assume that partners across supply chains act in a rational manner. Recent studies have explored the nature of some 'irrational' and often 'disordered' behaviors arising from a wide range of personality types in modern corporations. Understanding these emerging findings will provide a basis for more effective relationships across supply chains. This session will provide attendees with some useful lessons on identifying common traits and behaviors; strategies for managing "corporate psychopaths"; and core mechanisms and behaviors to enhance your personal influence.

Dr. Simon R. Croom, CPSM
University of San Diego

Track: Game Changers
Session GF — Innovating Value Through a Supplier Relationship Center
Discover how value creation agents drive innovative processes for game-changing initiatives that provide high net value and meet key business needs. Learn about mutual value creation and delivery through a supplier relationship center (SRC) program, with strategic partners. Changing the emotional configuration of the workspace, to enhance SME interactions. The combination of creative people, innovative processes and customizable environments. The future is already here!

Clive R. Heal, CPSM, BSc, FCIPSSRC
Team Leader & Value Creation Agent
Roche Pharmaceuticals

Track: Think Globally
Session GG — The Global Interconnected Supply Chain
Over the past 10 years, there has been an increasing level of mutual interconnectivity between OEMs and their supply chain partners. As a result, Lockheed Martin's supply chain has become one of the most global and complex supply chain networks in any industry. Today, this interconnectivity raises many challenges: developing and managing a global supply network of capable suppliers; managing the challenges and opportunities inherent in complex supply chain relationships; controlling day-to-day supply chain operations across a web of supplier touch points; and satisfying offset requirements/national content requirements that accompany global customer relationships.

Daniel Pleshko
Corporate Vice President, Global Supply Chain Operations
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Track: Talent Management
Session GH — Global Recruitment Trends
This session is designed to answer: What are today's global recruitment trends? How are employers looking at talent in today's market and what is most important to them? What's going on with supply management talent? How does a recruiter identify and sell talent? Attendees will leave the session with a solid understanding of key recruitment trends and recruiter behavior. This knowledge will have immediate application back on the job.

John Davitt

Breaking News
Session GI — Security Practices within the International and Domestic Supply Chain
In recent months, advanced manifest rules have resulted in elevated supply chain security practices. Increased controls related to the security enforcement of cargo globally have been implemented, and several agencies are adopting increased standards and rules for the secure movement of cargo in the international and domestic arena. This session discusses realistic evidence of implementation of secure practices within the supply chain that will complement the movement of cargo — and assist to avoid unwarranted and avoidable delays.

Rennie Alston
American River Brokerage Services Ltd. and
American River International Customs Consultants

Session GJ — An Overview of Data From the Bureau of Labor Statistics
From price indexes, to wage and compensation data, to employment data, most organizations make use of BLS data on a regular basis. This presentation provides a broad overview of each of the major outputs of the BLS and how they are used by companies, analysts and policymakers.

William F. Alterman
Assistant Commissioner for International Prices
Bureau Of Labor Statistics

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