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ISM’s 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference - Monday Sessions

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Logo graphic for ISM's 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference
April 28 - May 1, 2013
Dallas/Ft. Worth (Grapevine), Texas


MONDAY, April 29, 2013

9:00 am - 11:45 am

Mega Session
SVC — Contracting for Services: Professional Services, Construction and Software as a Service
One of the most difficult areas to contract for is the services spend. This session covers the key elements that purchasers must consider when negotiating and entering into a contract for services. The session focuses on general tips for all service contracts and then deals with three important types of service contracts. 1) Professional service agreements,2)construction services and 3) software. For all three types of agreements, takeaways include negotiation tips, legal considerations and, most importantly, sample contracts to use as reference tools.

Mark Grieco
Senior Partner
Grieco & Scalera, PA

Mega Session
NEG — The Five Essentials for Successful Negotiation Preparation
Attend this Mega Session and takeaway the framework for successful negotiations. Discover the 15 building blocks for a negotiation program. Create a results-driven checklist and develop an "L-O-B" platform. Finally, learn how to develop an option tier. Supply chain managers around the world tell us that strong negotiations are key to every component of business. Don't miss this opportunity to improve and develop your negotiation skills.

William D. Agee, Jr., C.P.M.
William D. Agee & Associates

9:20 am - 10:20 am

Track: Game Changers
Session BA — Understand Uncertainty Before Building Strategy
Unexpected change, critical shortages, unimagined threats and complexity surface daily for those in the supply management profession. Learn how to identify, quantify and articulate challenges and build an awareness of the price to be paid for ignoring each of these scenarios. To round out the session, learn how Bechtel developed and delivered answers to managing risk and uncertainty. A Q&A session rounds out the discussion.

David Hammerle
Principal Vice President and Corporate Manager of Procurement and Contracts
Bechtel Corporation

Track: Essential Skills
Session BB — Impacting Company Drivers
Understanding the broader landscape of company drivers enables supply chain professionals to offer more value and add relevance to strategic plans in unique ways. Learn how Cisco's transformation leader has used his background in customer value chain management to redefine the role of value chain leaders in the enterprise, from tactical operating executive management to drivers of strategic competitive advantage. This session will show attendees how supply chain leaders impact strategic imperatives and transformation, why culture is such an important part of success, and the dollars and cents of supply chain value.

Angel Mendez
Cisco Systems Inc.

Award Session 1
Session BC — Winner of Institute for Supply Management™ — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply Management
Session presented by one of the winners of the Institute for Supply Management™ — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply Management. Each winning team presents a session to outline and share its winning strategies. Be sure to check the Conference Program Guide — Navigator for specific session information.

Session BE — Workplace Humor: Learn to Laugh and Make Your Workplace Fun
This presentation is about learning to use humor to replace workplace drudgery with fun and levity. It provides the tools, processes and examples to make nearly everyone a storyteller. Learn to lighten up while building your teams, enhancing supply chain operations and creating value. Everyone can do it and everyone should.
Sponsored by the ISM Materials Management Group

Robert A Kemp, Ph.D., CPSM, C.P.M.
Kemp Enterprises

Track: Best Practices
Session BF — Holistic Supply Management Transformation
Supply management is expected to deliver value beyond cost and become a strategic contributor to the business. To do so, supply management professionals need to team up with their business partners and work collaboratively across functional and organizational boundaries to unlock transformational value. Clear governance, a rigorous process and deep analytics are necessary to establish transparency, push for full potential and enable stakeholder engagement and buy-in at each step in the journey. Lastly, a strong and continued focus on implementation is essential to ensure a smooth transition from strategic sourcing to value capture and limit value erosion.

Mark Shaughnessy
SVP Procurement, CCR, and President and CEO, CCBSS
Coca-Cola Refreshments

Gregg Waterman
Vice President, Procurement, Indirect Goods & Services
Coca-Cola Refreshments

Track: Leading Impactful Supply Chains
Session BG — Critical Decisions
The use of third parties, on-shore, near-shore, and off-shore, for the delivery of services is a standard practice for most companies. As discussed in Inside Supplier Management's November/December 2012 edition, C-Suite executives are refining their operating models based on focus criteria versus following the pack. Explore the critical role of supply chain management in these strategic decisions.

Marc Mancher
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Michael Stoler
Senior Manager
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Track: Risk Management
Session BH — Fundamentals of Product and Social Compliance
It's not just good business practice to deliver products that comply with government regulations that are produced in safe and socially compliant facilities. It is also essential for legal and image/brand protection. Often companies don't know where to start due to the myriad of standards and regulations — and the rapid pace of change — but they need compliance programs that will accomplish all of their goals. This session condenses the major product and social compliance standards and regulations into an easy-to-understand outline, and discusses best practices to determine the current level of compliance and what enhancements or additions may be needed.

James B. Ullum, MBA, C.P.M.
Managing Partner & COO
Source International

Track: Think Globally
Session BI — Offshore or Reshore? How to Objectively Decide
Companies are starting to compare the real P&L impacts of offshoring and reshoring within the framework of recent supply chain disruptions. Boston Consulting Group forecasts convergence of Chinese and U.S. net manufacturing costs by 2015. In this session, the nonprofit Reshoring Initiative provides free software that helps companies make the comparison.

Harry C. Moser
Founder and President
Reshoring Initiative

10:40 am - 11:40 am

Session CA — How We Did It: Gaining Professionalism, Developing Leadership Skills, Building Teams and Leading Business Success
This interactive presentation offers a deep dive into how each of these executives developed themselves into eminently successful leaders of highly successful organizations. Learn the steps to success. Come prepared to ask questions and interact with these true professionals.

Robert A. Kemp, Ph.D., CPSM, C.P.M.
Kemp Enterprises

Shelley Stewart, Jr., CPSM
Vice President - Sourcing and Logistics/Chief Procurement Officer

R. David Nelson, C.P.M., A.P.P.
CEO and Senior Adviser
Dave Nelson Group, Inc.

Lisa Martin, C.P.M.
Former Senior Vice President, Global Procurement and Operations
Pfizer Inc
Member, ISM Board of Directors

Brad Holcomb, CPSM
Chair, ISM Manufacturing Business Survey Committee
Institute for Supply Management™

Angel L. Mendez
Senior Vice President, Customer Value Chain Management
Cisco Systems Inc.

Session CB — Supplier Diversity From the CPO Perspective
This panel discussion offers a view from the top. Chief procurement officers from large companies discuss the value of supplier diversity and the value of incorporating diverse suppliers into supply chains and procurement processes. Learn how CPO commitment has brought success to these organizations.
Sponsored by the ISM Supplier Diversity Group

William Kornegay

Senior Vice President, Supply Management
Hilton Worldwide

Cheryl Harris

Senior Vice President, Sourcing & Procurement Solutions
Allstate Insurance Company

Walter Rhodes
Vice President, Supply Management
Southern California Edison

Joe Black

Al Williams
Chief Procurement Officer

Award Session 3
Session CC — Winner of Institute for Supply Management™ — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply Management
Session presented by one of the winners of the Institute for Supply Management™ — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply Management. Each winning team presents a session to outline and share its winning strategies. Be sure to check the Conference Program Guide — Navigator for specific session information.

Session CD — Procurement and Supply: Key Success Differentiator or Victim of its Own Success?

David Noble
Chief Executive

Paula Gildert

Track: Supply Management for Emerging Professionals and Their Managers
Session CE — A Few Good Mentors
Mentoring relationships are often the backbone of career development and coaching, but identifying and establishing a meaningful, mutually beneficial relationship can be a tough process to navigate. Panelists with very distinct experiences share their thoughts and lessons learned.

Tania Santiago-Mirabal
Category Manager, Marketing and Sales, Global Procurement
Pfizer Inc

Ron Schnur, CPSM
Vice President, Dairy Supply and Operations
WhiteWave Foods

Bill Dempsey
Vice President, Global Procurement
Shire Pharmaceuticals

Derek Everett, CPSM
Global Sourcing Director
Terex Corporation

Nicole Zhang, CPSM
Regional Sourcing Manager
Terex Corporation

Track: Risk Management
Session CF — Building Collaborative Relationships as You Assess the Risk of Private Companies
Risk management continues to be at the top of the agenda. This session provides an overview of a risk management framework, including how to build collaborative relationships with your suppliers. The focus is on how to deal with privately held companies.

Rose M. Kelly-Falls, CPSM, MSM
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Risk
Rapid Ratings International Inc.

Track: Services Procurement
Session CG — What is Best-in-Class in Contractor Management?
Global trends indicate a continued growth of outsourcing non-core business activities to contractors. Outsourcing inevitably comes with risk exposure, necessitating the need for organizations to maintain sustainable contractor management practices. Drawing from lessons learned across multiple industries, this presentation will discuss ten attributes found in best-in-class contractor management systems.

Dag Yemenu, MBA

Jeremiah Flickinger
Team Lead, Procurement Review and Verification Services

Track: Think Globally
Session CH — Taking Purchasing Processes Global
When companies go global with operations, implementation and management of procurement processes can often lag behind the deployment of a bricks-and-mortar footprint. However, disciplined and consistent procurement processes (including supplier selection and approval, total cost of ownership analysis, controls and compliance with local businesses) are critical for cost containment, operational effectiveness and risk management. Global BPO services provider Stream Global Services offers its own lessons learned to help your organization as you seek to globalize purchasing processes and policies.

Raymond F. Wise, C.P.M.
Director, Global Procurement
Stream Global Services

Session CI — Building an Effective Point of View for Managing Commodity Volatility
Building an effective point of view is a key enabler for building short- and long-term strategies around a commodity. Discover how to build an effective point of view around key commodities. The session includes two distinct point-of-view examples.

Vijay Kasi, Ph.D., CPSM
A.T. Kearney

Norbert Ore, CPSM, C.P.M.
Strategas Research Partners

Breaking News
Session CJ — OnShoring, InSourcing, Nearshoring, RightSourcing, Rescoring? The Changing Landscape of Manufacturing in the U.S.
This presentation will cover, discuss and analyze the relatively recent, yet continuing, developments in the ever-changing landscape of bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US. The speaker will share his research and experience in these areas, including what he learned in Europe, Asia and China. In addition to a comprehensive overview of the dynamics of onshoring, and its alternative names, you will gain insight into the alternatives of nearshoring and domestic outsourcing. Mr. Feiman will demonstrate the 5 significant challenges remaining for American manufacturers, the 15 reasons why it is happening now and the 5 specifics that may hold us back.

Daniel Feiman, MBA, CMC®
Visiting Professor, The University of Huddersfield School of Business
Managing Director, Build It Backwards(℠)

2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Mega Session
CON — Contracting: Resources and Applications
This intensive, hands-on workshop is for supply professionals working with contracts and reviewing legal documents. Takeaways include templates for a Confidentiality Agreement, Contract for Sale of Goods and a Professional Services Agreement. This Mega Session includes how to review an agreement for the things to either remove from or add to it. This session delivers a comprehensive contract clause checklist showing different language and the effect of different language on the purchasing agreements. You'll also receive a template showing which clauses can be the same across agreements and which clauses should adapt to the different contract requirements. Be prepared for an interactive exercise working with the contract and adapting it to a hypothetical example.

Mark Grieco
Senior Partner
Grieco & Scalera, PA

Mega Session
MKT — Supply Market Analysis for Supply Manager
This is an opportunity to analyze and critique market drivers such as supply and demand and global market issues. Highlights include addressing data collection methods and data analysis methods. The discussion features how supply market analysis impacts supply and where the marketplace is headed.

William D. Agee, Jr., C.P.M.
William D. Agee & Associates

3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

Track: Best Practices
Session DA — Achieving Competitive Advantage Through the Use of Diversity Suppliers During Rapid Technology Change
Many companies have supplier diversity programs that are successful in achieving annual spend targets with historically disadvantaged businesses. How does a company ensure these objectives are met without compromising quality, cost, service and on-time delivery — especially in an environment where constantly evolving technologies challenge the supply chain? AT&T does not deploy mere compliance strategies, but rather gains a competitive advantage through the use of diverse suppliers where networks, handsets, tablets, set-top boxes and other devices evolve rapidly.

Keith Connolly
Vice President - Consumer Supply Chain

Marylou Starner
Vice President, AT&T Programs
CTDI (Communications Test Design, Inc.)

Track: Leading Impactful Supply Chains
Session DB — The Essential Elements of a Successful Ethics and Compliance Program
Whether your organization is public, private or nonprofit, you need a solid ethics and compliance foundation. Many organizations are unaware of how strong ethics and compliance programs can help them avoid potential prosecutions, large fines, costly recalls and brand damage that result from a value chain scandal. This workshop provides both best-practice insight in to what a program should entail and the pitfalls of doing nothing.
Sponsored by the ISM Ethical Standards Committee

Andrea Falcione, J.D., CCEP
Chief Ethics Officer & Senior Vice President - Client Services
SAI Global Compliance

Joe Lloyd
Director of Compliance
Tyson Foods

Session DC — Clause and Effect: Strategic Economic Price Adjustments
Dealing with volatile market conditions is an essential skill set for today's supply manager. Economic price adjustment clauses provide for upward and downward adjustments in the price based on the change in the marketplace. Learn the why, when and how of using these clauses.

Robi Bendorf, CPSM, C.P.M.
Bendorf & Associates

Track: Game Changers
Session DD — Driving Transformation in Healthcare Sourcing
Intel has a vision to develop the healthiest workforce on the planet, and is a step closer as it embarks on a journey of healthcare transformation. Facing year-over-year cost increases, with no relief in sight, Intel's work includes: forming an employer-led healthcare marketplace collaborative, on-site health centers, implementing a patient-centered medical home (PCMH), an innovative healthcare benefits design featuring consumer-driven plans, and a value-based compensation model. Discover why having a seat at the table to influence healthcare can help lead this transformation. This highly successful program is featured in current articles and books on the subject.

Frank A. Sanders
Corporate Strategic Procurement Director
Intel Corporation

Track: Services Procurement
Session DE — Best Practices for the Procurement, Evaluation and Optimization of Agency Services
Trends in marketing services, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media, have made the procurement of agency services even more challenging. This session assists procurement professionals with overcoming those challenges

Hal Stinchfield
CEO & Founder
Promotional Marketing Insights Inc.

Track: Supplier Strategies
Session DF — Secrets of Highly Effective Relationships
Managing strategic relationships is a competitive advantage in the current business landscape. Through a series of examples from a broad range of industries, this workshop explores golden rules to create and maintain highly effective relationships.

Murillo C. Xavier, MBA, CPIM
Strategic Development Manager
Hewlett Packard

Track: Talent Management
Session DG — Future World of Work
In early 2012, the American National Standards Institute designed a staffing metric and related process as American National Standards. During this session, we will explore how to implement these standards in your organization to extract the most business value from your staffing operations. In addition to discussing how to advance your talent acquisition strategy with these standards, we will also look at the international aspects of talent management standards.

Lee Webster, J.D., MBA, SPHR
Director of HR Standards
Society for Human Resource Management

Session DH — Lean Negotiating Process and Tools
Discover how to use lean concepts and innovative tools to prepare for a negotiation. The presentation illustrates the process to gather data and strategize for a successful negotiation. Learn how to use the A3 format to prepare senior management and your team.

Phillip R. Lockhart, MBA, C.P.M.
Senior Purchasing Manager
Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Session DI — Procurement Fraud: The Inside Story for Supply Management Professionals
As supply chains become increasingly global, they can also be more vulnerable to fraud. Supply professionals are major stakeholders in the organization and are key to deterring procurement fraud. This session presents supply management's role in identifying fraud vulnerabilities and how to prevent fraud within the procurement process.

Rene G. Rendon, Ph.D., CPSM, C.P.M., CPCM, PMP
Associate Professor
U.S. Naval Postgraduate School

Juanita M. Rendon, DBA, CPA
Lecturer of Accounting
U.S. Naval Postgraduate School

Session DJ — Power of Observation: What Purchasers Can Learn From Darwin
This presentation focuses on the benefits of observation. Many purchasers are making decisions, analyzing problems and seeking answers, and they pay no attention to simply observing behavior. Charles Darwin, on the other hand, owed much of his success to the skill of observation. Learn how to use the power of observation to benefit both yourself and your organization.
Sponsored by the ISM Materials Management Group

Thomas L. Tanel, C.P.M., CTL, CISCM, CCA
President and CEO
CATTAN Services Group, Inc.

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