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ISM’s 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference - Session Schedule

Be the Solution
Logo graphic for ISM's 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference
April 28 - May 1, 2013
Dallas/Ft. Worth (Grapevine), Texas


SUNDAY, April 28, 2013

12:30 pm - 1:45 pm

ZA — Navigating and Networking at the Conference
Recommended for first-time Conference attendees, but this will benefit everyone. The focus is on how to make the most of your networking opportunities while you're in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Who you meet is just as important as what you learn. Discover how to make contact with your colleagues and develop relationships that can help you excel at your job. This session also explores Conference life beyond networking and sessions — special events, bonus information and added value.
Sponsored by the ISM Conference Leadership Committee

Sharon L. Hauht, CPSM, C.P.M.
Purchasing and Contracts Manager
Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

ZB — Find Your Solution: Get an ISM Certification
How do you break through the competition? ISM certifications — CPSM® and CPSD™ — offer you the solution to stand out from the crowd. This session helps you find the certification that fits your career goals and tells you how to move efficiently and effectively through the study process. Bring your questions to this interactive session and ask your fellow colleagues who have already earned their designation about their challenges and tips for success. Set your goal now. Make your plan to get your certification in the next six months. By the end of the year, you'll be ready to break through the barriers in your career.
Sponsored by the ISM Professional Credentials Committee

Jerri Lynne Kapelka, CPSM, CPSD
Manager, Professional Credentials
Institute for Supply Management™

3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Track: Supply Management for Emerging Professionals and Their Managers
Session AA — Maximizing Networking Opportunity
Building and maintaining your network is one of the greatest benefits of attending the ISM Conference. However, maximizing this opportunity can often be a daunting task. This session delivers tips and tricks from master networkers. Included is an opportunity to practice your learning through a speed networking session. A number of our profession's leaders will be in attendance to give you an opportunity to build a powerful network. Attend this session and make the Conference more valuable!

Shelley Stewart, Jr., CPSM
Vice President – Sourcing and Logistics/Chief Procurement Officer

Al Day, MBA
Category Management

Track: Supply Management for Emerging Professionals and Their Managers
Session AB — Supplier Relationship Management
Discover tips on managing supplier relationships, something that is often not covered in any depth in the classroom and takes considerable time to learn on the job, often through lessons learned. The discussion includes establishing the relationship, ethical boundaries, delivering bad news and a myriad of other supplier relationship scenarios. Real-life examples highlight the scenarios.

Mandy Clairfield, CPSM
Procurement Services Director

Claire Auroi
Director, Supply Chain Business Development
Bombardier Aerospace

Track: Leading Impactful Supply Chains
Session AC — Effective Scheduling at Welch Foods
Many organizations continue to use scheduling processes that chase demand, resulting in daily revisions in reaction to orders or events. This constant state of change and the lack of predictability has several negative side effects: production inefficiencies, materials expediting for unplanned production, lost production time due to materials being unavailable, excess inventory and deterioration of customer service. Learn how Welch Foods successfully transformed its operations to minimize these effects — and apply Welch's lessons to your organization.

Tom Arnold, CPIM, CIRM, MBA, M.Engr.
Supply Chain Planning Manager
Welch Foods

Track: Think Globally
Session AD — Fair and Equitable: Managing a Global Supply Chain During Restructuring
How does the Chapter 11 restructuring process affect a company's global supply chain? Learn how restructuring impacts the supply chain and gain insights into how American Airlines managed its supply chain through this difficult time. Effective communication, understanding financial objectives and a vision for the future are some of the key elements of success.

Cathy Schillinger
Managing Director, Procurement & Supply Chain
American Airlines

Session AE — Innovation: Hidden Frontier — New Opportunities for Purchasing
Innovation is emerging as the next competitive frontier. Discover four types of innovation and the implications for purchasing and supply chain management. Identify guidelines and metrics to help guide purchasing and uncover potential pitfalls.

Steven A. Melnyk, Ph.D.
Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Management
Michigan State University

Nicholas Little
Assistant Director, Executive Development Programs
Michigan State University

Track: Services Procurement
Session AF — How to Properly Contract for Services
This session will cover the 10 steps for properly contracting for services. It will show several items to make sure are covered in your contract as well as focus in on key legal issues when dealing with service providers. This session will cover a broad range of service provider contracts such as engineering services, consulting services and accounting services. This session is meant to provide an overview for attendees so they can better deal with suppliers from bid to contract to performance.

Mark Grieco
Senior Partner
Grieco & Scalera PA

Track: Risk Management
Session AG — Integrating Business Continuity Planning and Incident Management
Ensuring that your global supply chain is resilient is essential to maintaining schedules and delivering products to your customers. Developing a supply management system, implementing processes and executing these processes are keys to remaining at the top of your industry. Discover how Cisco developed its supply management system to build in resiliency. Explore specific examples of how resiliency methodology was tested and how it led to success. Apply the lessons learned to implement a resilient supply chain process within your own company.

Nghi Luu
Senior Manager, Supply Chain Risk Management
Cisco Systems Inc.

Track: Best Practices
Session AH — Lean Transformation of a Hospital Supply Chain
Get an overview of the University of Chicago Medical Center's strategy to establish benchmark-level supply chain operations. Review its current state of operations, actual and planned improvements in sourcing, transaction management, inventory tracking and replenishment. Lean methods and best practices in implementation are demonstrated so you can apply this real-world scenario to your own organization.

Jon Stegner
Vice President
University of Chicago Medical Center

Track: Game Changers
Session AI — SRM: Game Theory, Metrics and Exemplars
Avoiding dependency on suppliers is conventional wisdom. But, what if conventional wisdom is wrong? Exemplary supply organizations achieve breakthrough cost, innovation and revenue enhancement performance by close, frequent and durable interaction with suppliers. Game theory helps explain why this works.

Joseph Sandor, C.P.M., CPIM
Michigan State University

Track 4: Essential Skills
Session AJ — Using Technology and Social Media
Supply chain professionals have access to more sources of information and channels for product and service decisions and management than ever. Learn how to use the world's most progressive technology and social media platforms to improve your daily work efforts, and gain insights from previously untapped connections holding valuable knowledge. You can enhance your organization's success with surprising insights from some of the world's most unlikely and underutilized sources. This session will allow attendees to tour some of social media's newest platforms that provide value to supply chain professionals. You will also learn how to connect while maintaining safety and security for company information, and find strategies to further your professional development using online platforms to share your expertise.

Lara Nichols
Associate VP, Externalization and Center of Excellence

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