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A.P.P. Lifetime Reaccreditation Requirements

In addition to the regular reaccreditation requirements, those applying for Lifetime Accreditation must document least 18 years of full-time professional purchasing and supply management experience.

An A.P.P. meeting Lifetime Accreditation criteria in a current certificate period need only earn the total number of hours through the year in which they meet the requirements for Lifetime Accreditation, regardless of when they apply for the designation. Applicants for Lifetime Accreditation should apply as soon as they are eligible. Applicants must submit documentation of continuing education hours earned, determined on a prorated basis, since their last certificate date. Please refer to the prorated scale to determine the number of continuing education hours required.

Date of Current Certificate
Required Lifetime Accreditation Hours
1 year or less
8 hours
1 but less than 2 years ago
17 hours
2 but less than 3 years ago
25 hours
3 but less than 4 years ago
34 hours
4 but less than 5 years ago
42 hours

Questions and Additional Information

For answers to the most frequently asked questions dial the ISM certification information line at 480-752-6276, extension 3027, or write to us at: ISM, attn: A.P.P. Program, P.O. Box 22160, Tempe, AZ 85285-2160.

Please note: Candidates whose certificates lapse for more than one year will have to pass all current modules required for the program, and submit the front portion of an original accreditation application with copies of the score reports and the year first certified in order to reinstate their A.P.P.

Download A.P.P. Lifetime Reaccreditation Application (this is a PDF file)