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Work Experience Documentation - Common Situations

Remember to use employer letterhead, have a current or previous supervisor or human resource department sign each letter, and include each title, and the length of time the title was held (from mo/yr to mo/yr).

Titles referenced in the samples are representative only and do not cover the range of titles held or used in the field.


Questions? Call ISM at 480-752-6276 extension 3094.

Some of the more common situations encountered when documenting experience, and recommended solutions, are covered below:

My previous employer is no longer in business or the business has been sold or merged with another company.

Contact a previous supervisor, or other individual you worked with, who can certify your employment history and have them write a letter for you. Have them explain the situation briefly and identify their previous relationship to you within the company.

I cannot locate any information on my previous employer.

Consider researching information at your public library or local government entity for documents of incorporation. You may be able to find the entity holding the personnel/employment records. You may also want to ask your present employer if they verified your previous experience, job titles, dates held, and so on. If this was done, your current employer can certify previous experience.

I'm not sure my job title or job duties are eligible.

If you have a title that is not normally associated with professional purchasing and supply management, then document your responsibilities in detail and submit with your application. When listing job duties please make sure to specify the percentage of time spent in each area/job function. ISM will review the material and make a decision.

My experience was gained while in the military. How do I document that experience?

Ask your commanding officer for a letter documenting your experience. In most cases we have received the DD 214. In some cases military review or discharge documents may also help document your experience.