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ISM Recertification Information

How to submit Continuing Education Hours (CEHs)

Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) are submitted on the ISM website. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Click on the “CPSM/CPSD Certification” tab on the left side of the page.
  2. Scroll down and click the button labeled “Application”. This button leads to the online certification form.
  3. Select “Re-Certification” as the certification type.
  4. Move to "Step 2" on the application (found on top right) to attach CEHs/Transcripts for re-certification.
  5. Fill out and save the form. This applies it to your profile.

  6. Please note that candidates must retain all documentation pertaining to submitted CEHs in case of random audit.



    CEHs Needed Each Term


    3 years



    3 years



    5 years



    5 years


    Categories for earning Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) are:

    1. College courses (taken or taught)
    2. Continuing education (taken or taught)
    3. Contributions to the profession
    4. CPSM® Exams (20 CEHs each in the last year of qualification or during the grace period).

    At least two-thirds of the hours must be educational in nature. One-third may be earned in the professional contributions category. Please submit your application for recertification no earlier than 120 days prior to the expiration date on your current certificate.

    College Courses

    Semester-long university courses in purchasing, materials management, supply management, management or other business-related subject matter (accounting, marketing, IT/computers, economics, law, engineering, traffic management, communications, finance, statistics, physical sciences and behavioral sciences) are worth 14 Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) per credit hour. Most other semester-long university courses are worth seven CEHs per course. Quarter hours are two-thirds of a semester hour. Other units of time need to be carefully documented and explained (by the institution) so ISM can determine the equivalent number of CEHs for each course. The applicant must document coursework using a transcript or grade report issued by the educational institution from which the course was taken. Please make sure transcripts include an explanation of the unit (for example, semester hours, trimester hours and quarter hours). If claiming courses taught, obtain a letter, signed by your supervisor from the appropriate institution, which includes all information necessary to determine CEHs.

    Continuing Education

    Public seminars (for example, AMA and APICS), ISM seminars, education and training offered by your organization, conferences and other educational programs are eligible for CEHs. Educational events are eligible for consideration if (1) the subject matter was purchasing, materials management, supply management, management or another business-related subject matter, and (2) the event was at least an hour in length. Documentation for each continuing educational event submitted by the applicant must include: (1) applicant’s name, (2) title of program, (3) date(s) of program, (4) name of sponsoring institution, (5) length of event in educational contact hours and (6) signature of program director/instructor or supervisor. ISM does not need to approve these in advance. If credit is being sought for teaching a course, obtain a letter detailing the pertinent information from your supervisor at the institution. Lunch and break periods may not be used as part of the educational content hours claimed. NOTE: Hours not used for the current recertification period and earned within 120 days of the current certificate expiration date may be applied toward the next recertification period. Articles in peer-refereed journals are eligible for 14 CEHs. Substantive, well-developed articles published in established purchasing or trade magazines (those with an editorial review board identified in the magazine) exceeding one page in length, as well as articles published in conference proceedings, are eligible for seven hours per article. Include a copy of each article being claimed for CEHs and a copy of the editorial review board page.

    Contributions to the Profession

    Individuals who hold office in ISM may claim CEHs in this section. Each annual job assignment as an officer, director, group chair or chair of a committee (nonsocial or nonrecreational) for an ISM affiliate earns seven CEHs. At the discretion of the ISM affiliate leadership, CEHs may be awarded to all deserving volunteers, whether they are chairpersons, officers or directors. Documentation consists of a completed Service Award form or letter from an appropriate officer certifying the organization, position and dates the office was held.

    ISM members are eligible for three CEHs per each year of active ISM membership during the current certification period.

    Examination Scores

    A CPSM® Exam may only be retaken during the last year of CPSM® certification or in the one year grace period following certification expiration. Retaking and passing any CPSM® Exam or a CPSD Exam is worth 20 CEHs.

    Reinstatement Requirements

    Certificate lapsed less than one year:

    Complete and sign a recertification application documenting the required CEHs earned. Certificate dates: Dates will appear on the certificate as if the recertification had been completed prior to the expiration of your previous certificate.

    CPSM® or CPSD certificates lapsed more than one year:

    Applicants will need to retake all required exams and reapply to become certified.

    C.P.M. and A.P.P certificates that are lapsed more than one year:

    Certifications are not eligible for reinstatement once the one year grace period has lapsed. These designations have been retired and are in recertification status only.

    Please notify ISM when you move or change jobs in order to keep your records current, as we may attempt to notify individuals when their designation has expired.

    No Lifetime Status for the CPSM® or CPSD Designations

    ISM has chosen not to offer lifetime status for the CPSM® or CPSD designations. Since the profession is continuing to increase in complexity, continuing education will play a major role in making sure supply managers stay current on the latest supply management best practices.

    Lifetime Status for C.P.M. and A.P.P.

    Applicants applying for their C.P.M. or A.P.P. lifetime designation must document at least 18 years of full-time, professional (nonclerical and nonsupport) supply management experience. Experience is documented by submitting one letter per employer, on original organization letterhead, from a supervisor or human resources representative verifying and describing all job titles and dates (month and year) of employment claimed. Partial credit is not given for less than six months of experience; however, movement from job to job without significant time interruption is treated as continuous experience.

    C.P.M. holders meeting lifetime certification criteria in a current certification period need only earn CEHs through the year in which they meet the requirements for lifetime certification, regardless of when they apply for the designation. Applicants for lifetime certification may apply as soon as they are eligible. Applicants must submit documentation of CEHs earned, determined on a prorated basis, since their last certificate date. Please refer to the prorated hours scale to determine the number of CEHs required.

    Years Since Current Certification Began

    CEHs Needed for Lifetime C.P.M

    1 year or less


    1 but less than 2 years


    2 but less than 3 years


    3 but less than 4 years


    4 but less than 5 years


    Low Cost Ways to earn CEHs

    Need to earn CEHs? Short on funds to pay for training? Don't despair. ISM has several low-cost options to keep your certification current. Some are even free.

    Register at

    • ISM presents freeweb seminars throughout the year on trends that affect supply management. You can participate from anywhere in the world and earn one CEH each time you attend the live program. Register in the Seminars section of the ISM website.
    • You earn three CEHs for every year you are an active ISM member during your current certification period.
    • Attend your ISM affiliate meetings. Most meetings are US$50 or less, and you usually receive at least one CEH each time you attend.
    • Take or teach any business-related training through your employer.
    • Take a personal career development course such as Effective Communication or Microsoft Excel.
    • Have an article published in a supply management-related magazine or journal.
    • Attend or present at an ISM conference or seminar, or another industry-related conference or seminar.
    • Active certification holders can join ISM’s exam writing team. One CEH is granted for each approved item written. Please send an email notifying ISM of your interest along with a copy of your CV or resume to the Certification department: