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Maintain Your Certification

Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) Information

Because the certifications are dynamic credentials, ISM requires you to stay current with changes in the supply management field through continuous learning. Before applying for recertification, you will need to earn 60 hours of approved continuing education for both CPSM & CPSD, and 84 for C.P.M. and 42 for A.P.P.

Recertification Process

Categories for earning CEHs are:

  • Continuing education (taken or taught)
  • College courses (taken or taught)
  • Contributions to the profession
  • CPSM® & CPSD Exams (20 CEHs each in the last year of qualification or during the grace period).
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At least two-thirds of the hours must be educational in nature. One-third may be earned in the professional contribution's category. To review detailed information regarding the categories for CEHs, download the Certification Handbook.

Please submit your application for recertification no earlier than 120 days prior to the expiration date on your current certificate.

Submit Recertification Application
Low Cost Ways to Earn CEHs

ISM has several low-cost options to keep certification current; some are free.

ISM presents free web seminars throughout the year on trends that affect supply management. You can participate from anywhere in the world and earn one CEH each time you attend the live program. You earn three CEHs for every year as an active ISM member during your current certification period. To learn about all the opportunities for CEHs offered by an ISM Membership, click here.

CEHs can also be obtained by:

  • Completing ISM Courses
  • Attending ISM Chapter meetings
  • Taking or teaching business-related training through your employer
  • Taking a personal career-development course
  • Writing an article in a supply management-related magazine or journal
  • Attending or presenting at an ISM conference or seminar, or another industry-related conference or seminar; CEHs are granted per class hour of attendance
  • Earn three CEHs for every year you are an active ISM member during your current certification period
Write for ISM

Active certification holders can join ISM's exam writing team. One CEH is granted for each approved item written. Please send an email notifying ISM of your interest along with a copy of your CV or resume to the Certification department:

Obtain a New Designation

You may obtain an additional designation from ISM and achieve CEHs in the process.

Retake Certification Exam

You may retake the CPSM or CPSD Exams to obtain CEHs only during the last year of certification or during the one year grace period following certification expiration.

CEH Documentation Forms

If you have attended or will attend a class, seminar, conference, or some other form of continuing education session where no proof of attendance is given, you can use the following forms to document the hours.