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CPSD Requirements


To be eligible for certification, you must have:

  • Three years of supplier diversity or supply management experience (nonclerical, nonsupport) and have a regionally accredited bachelor’s degree, OR
  • Five years of supplier diversity or supply management experience (nonclerical, nonsupport)


Earning a CPSD requires you to pass either one or two exams depending on whether or not you already have a CPSM or C.P.M. certification. You may take the following two exams in any order:

Supply Management Core — CPSD Exam 1 (this exam is waived if you currently have a CPSM or C.P.M.)

Essentials in Supplier Diversity — CPSD Exam 2

Exam registrations are valid for six (6) months from the date that ISM processes your registration. You must test by the expiration date to avoid forfeiting your exam fees.

Applying for Certification

Once you pass both exams, you will need to submit your certification application and pay any applicable fees to be certified. Your exam scores remain valid for four years, and you must submit your application while all exam scores are valid.


Your CPSD is valid for three years before you must apply for recertification. Because the CPSD is a dynamic credential, ISM requires you to stay current with changes in supplier diversity through continuous learning. Before applying for recertification, you will need to earn 60 hours of approved continuing education.


For more details on CPSD certification and recertification requirements, view the CPSD FAQ Page.